Who doesn’t want a minimally decorated house of their own that looks straight out of a Pinterest board? While minimal decor is en vogue right now, creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional minimalist home is not a straight path. When choosing home decor products, you need to keep in mind not only the aesthetic side of them but also their functionality – after all, not always does an all-white home becomes easy to maintain. But of course, the beautiful all-white houses in LA are an exception here.
In today’s article, we bring the best home decor products that can add value to your household while making it look strikingly pretty – straight out of a Pinterest board on houses in LA. Take a look –

1. Choose Neutral Colored Curtains for Your Home

This is perhaps one of the most vital home decor items that will – along with the wall paints – bring a minimalist aura to your home. One thing that must be kept in mind while buying the curtains is choosing a fabric that lets natural light come in and fill the apartment or house. You could go for self-designed or jacquard sheer curtains to make your home more aesthetic and elegant.
Another thing that needs to be clarified here is that you don’t necessarily need an all-white home to incorporate the fundamentals of minimalism. The idea is to have a neutral hue that makes the rooms appear bigger and helps to attract natural light.

2. Simple and Elegant Carpet All the Way

If you are a fan of the Japanese idea of minimalism, you would have noticed how their homes have extremely simple yet striking carpets. The minimally aesthetic carpets need not have any extra frills or fancies. Rather, keeping them in natural fabrics and neutral tones and textures is what minimalists around the globe vouch for. From bedrooms to the drawing room and patio, all carpets must have a semblance of tones and structure to tie your entire home into a well-defined and striking idea.

3. Include Natural Decor Items

What’s a house without striking decor pieces. However, if you are interested in creating a minimal space for yourself, try incorporating a lot of natural decor items, such as studio pottery items and artifacts, in your home. Decor items made of natural materials such as stone, wood, ceramics, and metal promise to merge with the overall simplistic appeal of your house, thus elevating the natural minimalist aura of your home.

4. Charming Fresh Blooms and Some Pampas Grass

A house can never turn into a home without some fresh blooms. If you are a fan of nature, you can add fresh flowers – in white preferably – to your home. Fresh white roses blend into the minimalist decor effortlessly, making the house look reinvigorated and smell wonderful for two to three days straight.
However, if you don’t like fresh flowers or can’t change them twice every week, the best alternative is to fill your vases with pampas grass. Pampas grass – easily available online or at your nearest decor shops – are the trophies of aesthetically minimal decor and can last ages before you need to change it.

5. Pop of Colorful Lounge Chairs Add Warmth to Your Space

Clearly, monotone is boring. But how can you add colors to your neutral decor without breaking the “rules” of minimalism? Add functional yet striking pieces of decor in a pop tone, just like a love seat or lounge chair, to your room’s most favorite corner. However, you must ensure that there isn’t more than a pop of color in a room.
Pro-tip- The pop of color can be achieved by using warm tones – such as burnt orange or sienna – that go really well in minimally aesthetic homes.

6. Floor Lamps for the Win Always

What’s a house without its fair share of chic lamps? However, instead of going for the regular floor lamps, you can experiment with their structure and materials when choosing them for your minimally aesthetic home. For example, linear wood LED floor lamps, ceramic lamps, wooden lamps, or factory metal lamps look chic and striking with the minimal interior you’re aiming for. You can add lights both as floor lamps as well as ceiling lamps, depending on the room you’re decorating.

7. Cane Baskets for Laundry

As said earlier, decorating a minimally beautiful house depends on picking pieces that are an eclectic mix of functionality and aesthetics. Cane baskets come in of great use here. Made of natural cane, they add character to your decor – especially bedroom decor – while acting as laundry baskets. In case you are a tad bit too much in love with cane bags, you can use them as planter baskets for all your rooms.

8. House Plants Never Go Wrong

House plants, such as snake plants, money plants, peace lilies, etc., attract good vibes and prosperity to your home. And the best part is that plants are considered one of the best decor pieces in a minimally aesthetic household. You can place these plants on your balcony, window countertops, or along the corners of your house – they promise to make your house shine and be your zen even on the dullest days.


So, here is our exhaustive list of some of the best decor items that we think can turn a house into your minimalist zen. For minimalist decor, you need not invest a lot of furniture. Rather, choosing only a few pieces and keeping their aesthetics and functionality always do the trick.