A minimalist bedroom looks stunning and enables you to relax to the max. In this article, you will find smart tips on how to create this type of decor with little effort.

Some people believe that in their bedroom, they should have everything they need at their arm’s reach. They turn this part of the house into a kind of storage room. They bring all the belongings there, hang dozens of framed photos on the walls and organize an area where they can have breakfast. Such an approach might work for a few years… And then the owner of the bedroom would realize that they are tired. They would want more light, air and free space. Yet the task of decluttering might seem too challenging after all these years. What to start with? How to make the room look cool but not threadbare? In this article, you will find handy tips on organizing a top-notch minimalistic bedroom.

Choose a Neutral Palette

Beige and gray are the two most popular options. You can use the same color for all the walls, floor and ceiling. Otherwise, you might opt for a darker floor or a contrasting hue for one of the walls. Some people are afraid that such an approach would make a large bedroom look too cold. They choose a brighter color, add a print — and ruin the minimalistic ambiance. The base should be as neutral as possible. You will add colorful cozy accents later on, when the bedroom is painted and furnished.

Let the Natural Light In

Sheer curtains will be a spot-on choice. Thanks to the natural light, the mood of the room will be changing throughout the day. The less furniture there will be inside, the more impressive impact will the light produce.

Buy a Bed of Your Dream

This piece of furniture will become the focal point of the room. Ideally, you should buy a sleek modern bed from a shop that sells designer items. If your budget is limited, opt for a simpler frame — but never economize on the mattress. The most obvious choices for a minimalistic decor will be a platform bed or a metal bed frame. Besides, you can do without any frame at all!

Make Sure the Details Match the Overal Color Scheme of the Room

Most likely, you will want your bed cover to become a bright accent in your interior. Yet you should not interpret the word “bright” too literally. Navy or black-and-white will be enough to create an elegant contrast with the walls.

It would be great if all the objects in the room would match the color of either the walls or the bedding. Those who are not sure which accessories to decorate the room with can hang a big mirror on the wall. The color of its frame should match the bedding. Thanks to the mirror, there will be even more light in the room.

But please avoid bringing in too many details. In a minimalist decor, you should hide all your belongings inside the closets, chests of drawers or other types of storage. Try to keep as few things on display as possible.

Art Is Welcomed — But Only One Piece

It should be not a random object but something that you sincerely love. It can either reflect your personality, or inspire you for further achievements, or help you to relax and cool down after a busy day.

Instead of a mirror, you can hang a picture or a photo on the wall. If the bedroom is large enough, feel free to put a sculpture in one of its corners. A fancy chandelier can do as well, provided that you select it carefully enough and it does not ruin the minimalistic balance.

Furniture can double as art too. If your bed frame is simple, you can purchase a fancy nightstand for it. Alternatively, you can put an unusual pouf inside the room or a sophisticated vanity table. This would be an optimal solution for those who dislike “soulless” rooms. However, purists might fail to appreciate this approach. If you want the interior to be 100% minimalistic but full of life at the same time, check the next passage.

Bring a Plant Inside the Room

Normally, you should choose either a plant, or a big mirror, or a piece of art. If you try to combine all these elements, the bedroom will look too eclectic.

Some people do not approve of organic plants because they need maintenance. If this is your case, opt for a string of pearls from a hanging basket, a fiddle leaf fig or a philodendron. They are very easy to care for. If you have a garden, never hesitate to bring in brightly-colored, freshly-picked flowers. To fit them into the design of your bedroom, put these flowers in a clear jar or a neutral-toned vase.

Do Not Clutter the Room with Too Many Dressers or Chests of Drawers

Ideally, there should be just one item of this sort in the room. There, you should keep those things that you need as soon as you wake up and just before you go to sleep — such as pajamas or a stack of clean t-shirts. If there is enough space, try to place the dresser far away from the bed. The larger the distance between these two items, the more clean and meditative the room looks. Before you refurbish your bedroom and make it minimalistic, get rid of all the junk and old clothes. Prepare some additional storage outside the bedroom and consider organizing a dressing room if you do not have one yet.


In a minimalistic bedroom, it will be easier for you to disconnect from the routine and have a proper rest. Cleaning such a room takes minimum time and effort. When you want to update its design, it will be enough to replace the piece of art or buy a new bed cover — and the mood of the premise will change drastically. A minimalistic bedroom is much more than a design trend. It is a life philosophy that will help you to be happier, less prone to stress and more productive.