The mirror is the hot spot of a bathroom. If the space is limited and you can not enjoy a generous Jacuzzi tub, a stylish glass with a precious frame will compensate. Moreover, when smartly placed, it makes the space look wider. Most of the contemporary bathrooms rely on big, generous mirrors that cover an entire wall. Available in a wide range of models, styles and shapes, they are essential items in our homes. It is hard to imagine a bathroom without a mirror. Our collection features a large variety of pieces with beautiful frames. From slim wooden structures to golden sculptural ornaments, the casings make a common glass look marvelous. Explore our spectacular collection of 45 bathroom mirrors ideas!

Classic Large Bathroom Mirrors

I love the bathrooms that are wide enough to install a couple of two elegant mirrors. Placed in perfect symmetry, they offer a sense of equilibrium and  order. Both partners have their own private sector for the daily beauty routine, but still experience it together. As for the materials, you always enrich the elegance of a room with wood. Do not be afraid to use it in your bathroom as many providers nowadays treat them with long-term protection substances. The classic white cabinet with many storing departments integrates perfectly in the decor. Two lighting spots create interesting visual effects on both sides. In case you need extra storage, look for a bathroom mirror with shelf or some vertical racks that can be fixed nearby. As for the luminosity, there are plenty of intelligent solutions today: led bathroom glasses, a lighted vanity mirror or a vanity mirror with lights.

Bathroom Mirrors with a Royal Touch

Refined, imposing, grandiose. These words describe the picture above best. If you love precious interiors and feel there is room to make a splash, try framed bathroom mirrors with a Royal touch. Generous and radiant, it became the statement piece of the room. The minimalist white cabinet holds the sink and offers space for storing towels and cosmetics. The clawfoot tub integrates amazingly in this royal room, making a perfect match with the golden mirror. Black marble with white veining makes the showering area feel sophisticated. You can add a bunch of silvery details to enrich the atmosphere.

Contemporary Bathroom With Exquisite Finishings

What about watching a movie while bathing? Or a wide makeup mirror with many lighting spots? They all fit beautifully in a contemporary stylish bathroom. Functionality is key when space is limited and you want to access easily all the areas. So, firstly, take a piece of paper and draw a sketch of the interior you’d love to have. All the elements should be disposed smartly so that a free ground remains for movement. Mount a generous mirror on the front wall to have a deep eye-contact when entering the bathroom. The mirror is inserted in a deep niche which also serves as storing shelf. Lighting spots offer delicate visual effects. Are you looking for a natural atmosphere? Then go for light colours (beige, brown, white) and soft materials (wood).


All-white Bathroom with Classic Accessories

Pure white, clean lines and the elegance of the classic style! Who wouldn’t love to experience this at home? It looks absolutely fabulous! And it works for both masculine and feminine interiors. This one features a vintage white tub overlooking the window. You can dream of bathing in a lush garden on an exotic island. By the window, tall pots with orchids assure the spot of healthy greenery. Panelled with white marble, the main wall is the scenery for the beauty routine. The generous mirror encased in an elegant white frame functions for both sinks. Opt for bathroom vanity mirrors or bathroom mirror with lights to create dramatic effects. A mirrored bathroom vanity will add a touch of glam.

Twin Mirrors In A Modern Bathroom

If you want something stylish and out of the ordinary, introduce some sparkles of glam in your bathroom. This one features a dramatic wall panelled with grey tiles. This serves as perfect background for the tall twin mirrors framed in glass. They are imposing and add height to the room. Every side, two neon lamps mark the area. When placing twin mirrors in one bathroom, you have to create symmetry around. They impose a certain regularity, a well-proportioned space. Explore our gallery of bathroom vanity mirrors and framed bathroom mirrors!

The Natural Look

What do you need for a fresh natural look in your bathroom?

1. Wood is resistant and makes the room feel relaxed. Rely on it and pick cabinets, frames, vanities of wood.

2. Natural light has no competitor. Large windows allow sun come inside all day long so you should make use of them!

3. Greenery enlivens the space. Flowers, herbs and all the plants that feel fine in a humid environment change the mood immediately. Opt for small pots by the window and tall vases near the tub.

4. Wicker accessories go back to our essential roots. Decorate with wicker baskets, frames, shelves, lampshades, pots and you will create a cozy, relaxed atmosphere.

5. White makes the background feel airy, pure, clean. Use it for furniture, painting, sanitaries, flooring.

A classic decor with imposing twin mirrors

This pair of round/ oval bathroom mirrors fits perfectly in a natural room. The frame is curved and large so you can use it as shelf for storing cosmetics.

Add dynamism to the room with modern lighting spots and lamps