Are you looking for interior bathroom design photos? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected the most incredible ones! Elegant and featuring a bunch of stylish materials, the bathrooms have improved a lot lately. You can ‘fix’ a powder room next to your sleeping area or you can directly dive into a king size bathtub after getting out of the bed. From tiles to sanitary ware, play with colors, materials and geometries. It is incredible how smart design solves the most challenging problems contemporary cribs face nowadays: lack of space, sustainability, need of natural light, functionality. Besides use and performance, they are also looking for a calming effect. You will notice easily – insertions of wood and soft hues of beige, brown and yellow beautify the spaces. Explore the selection and share it on your Facebook page!

Bathroom in the attic

I would hardly imagine a bathroom in the attic. I do not know why – maybe because we usually ‘book’ this area for reading, relaxation, gatherings with family and friends. However, as the photo above proves it wholeheartedly, impossible is nothing. The shower incorporates in the structure of the attic, while the bathtub gets natural light from two large windows.

Wood and its benefits

Many people fear of furnishing the bathroom with wood. Relax, materials and especially their maintenance has improved a lot during the past years. Thus, if I were to remodel my bathroom, I would definitely insert some wood. The photo above depicts a modern stylish bathroom with sinks held by a wooden countertop. Symmetry makes the space look well organized.

Interior Bathroom Design Photos

A collection of amazing bathroom ideas displays in front of your eyes. The one above depicts an elegant bathroom with exposed beams. It invites you to pamper your sense and to relax in a very luminous environment. The table made of cane recalls exotic holidays. You do not know what plants to choose? Cactus, succulents or bamboo are perfect in a bathroom.

Nude with silvery accessories

Would you like a free, ‘naked’ space? Then nude is the option! I love the all-nude interior, complemented with silvery accessories and glass. To boost the ‘no-boundary’ feeling, go for frameless mirrors, no doors showers or showers without tray.

A sleeping area featuring a Jacuzzi bathtub

A high-end bedroom definitely includes a Jacuzzi. This is also the case with the bedroom above, located in the attic of house. As a result, it enjoys spectacular views and it also offers privacy from the rest of the building. The overall look includes rustic influences and white, simple sanitary ware. A huge bowl generates light in this comfy bedroom.

A modern stylish bathroom featuring a generous bathtub and two wooden shelves for decorative objects, towels and candles

Fixed shower heads

Are you looking for rainfall effects that transform the showering into a luxury? Then you should install a fixed shower in your bathroom. They are not the most water efficient of products, and they can represent a problem if you do not want to have your head wet every time. However, I love them very much! The orange sink contrasts very much with the countertop and adds dynamism to the space.

Wooden bathtub

A bathtub incorporated in a wooden frame? Why not! It looks absolutely amazing and it creates a natural feeling inside. Of course, you have to take care of its maintenance, but it worth trying. It pairs wonderfully with stone like tiles or marble.

Maritime influences

Do you miss long sunsets by the sea? Do not worry! You can experience fragments of your summer holiday in your bathroom. Try these maritime tiles and allow natural light come inside as much as possible. The bathtub was positioned right under the window so that the inhabitants can enjoy the sky!

Modern lines

Curves, steel, translucent glass – ingredients for a modern bathroom you can pamper in! Insert finished wood to warm the atmosphere a little bit and lighting spots for playful contrasts! A king size flower pot or a bamboo in a transparent glass would enliven the space more.

A mirror with a rich, decorated frame became the focal point of the space. This bathroom features a chalet-like ceiling that makes it very warm and cozy.

You know what doctors say frequently: open the window, put some greenery inside … this bathroom contains all these ingredients. I love the straight lines of the sanitary ware, but also the little tree. It makes the space feel alive! Are you looking for a striking effect? Fix some lighting spots here and there and you will experience a fairy atmosphere while bathing.

If your bathroom is not very generous, rely on natural light. All sun come inside as much as possible; this will change your mood immediately and also make the space look larger.