Are you a fan of open spaces that communicate easily through wide walls of transparent glass? Do you like the living rooms that are invaded by natural light all day long? You’ve come to the right place! The house we spotted on is located in Ramat Hasharon, a city on Israel’s central coastal strip in the south of the Sharon region, bordering Tel Aviv to the south. The project was realized by Levy:Chamizer Architects, a studio that also designed this house from Tel Aviv. The architects tried to bring nature inside as much as possible. Even if the urban landscape may not offer a spectacular environment, it’s important to create a strong connection with the exterior. As you can see from the pictures below, the house benefits of wide windows, as well as an entire transparent wall at the ground floor that allows sunlight intrusions during the day.

 The small garden with bushes of flowers and a vertical green wall.

 The alley seems aligned to the table inside.  

 A great pool near the house…and enough space for a party outside!

 The property offers a heaven in miniature. :)

It’s not just a matter of prestige—a tall room looks better proportioned.

 The open space ground floor shares the living room and the dining room. 

 Two chandeliers add a bit of extravagance. 

 The dining room

 Where is the kitchen? :)

 A glass wall creates a strong communication with the exterior.

 The architects opted for a metal luminescent backdrop. 

 Warm the atmosphere a little with wooden chairs!

 Glass parapets

 A wall of transparent glass delimits the spaces. 

 The living room reflects fine taste for natural materials and offers a comfortable corner for reading and reflection. 

 A glass parapet makes the spaces communicate much easier. 

 The kitchen is connected with the living room.

 The office is a statement of simplicity and functionality. 

 To the pool!

 Mix modern with classic influences: an antique refurnished chair! 

 An all-white bedroom

The sink of black marble contrasts with all-white sanitary accessories in the bathroom. 

 Duality of black and white!  

 Statement of transparency

 The road … is paved with good intentions!

 From bed jump in the pool!

 I love the wooden boxes!

 The mirror seems left randomly, but it has its place in the house. 

 Time to relax…


 Simplicity at its best.

 Is there a more beautiful picture you’d prefer while lying in bed?