Owning a home comes with many responsibilities. Apart from paying your mortgage, you also need to ensure all systems in your home are functioning properly. Your air conditioner is one of the most important things in your home, and you should ensure it’s always in its pristine conditions. This is because your HVAC system ensures you have quality air and optimal temperature in your home. In this article, we’ll outline common AC problems every homeowner should know about.

1. The AC failing to start

It can be frustrating to turn on your AC during a scorching day and not hear it respond. You should check the thermostat to see if it’s set above the room temperature of the house and that it’s cooling, not heating.
If the first two checks are okay, the circuit board could be the problem. You can check to see if the power is going into the unit, but if you can’t, contact an HVAC repair expert to troubleshoot the AC and do any necessary repairs.

2. Dirty filters

Dirty filters block and restrict airflow and may also reduce the lifespan of your AC system. Regularly check your filters to ensure that the whole system is functioning efficiently and effectively. You should also consider replacing your filters every three months to ensure efficiency.

3. Refrigerant leak

The refrigerant’s role is to distribute cool air around the house. A refrigerant leak occurs due to poor maintenance, causing the system to underperform. You can consider an AC recharge to compensate for the leak.

4. Frozen evaporator coil

Even during a hot day, an essential part of the AC can freeze and cause the system to fail. The evaporator receives heat from the hot air in your house, and in the process, condensation occurs. The freezing of the evaporator coils may result from low refrigerant levels, dirty air filters, dirt, and grime build-up. When your evaporator coils freeze, turn off the AC system to defrost, then get an expert to fix the problem.

5. The air cools unevenly

Temperature changes can be a result of ductwork leaks, vent blockages, and inadequate insulation. Having the ducts repaired and the vents cleared and cleaned will ensure that the AC distributes cool air around the house.

6. Unusual odor

Almost all AC owners have once gone through the odor experience. They are usually electrical odors arising from overheating parts such as loose connections and blower motors. Such odors should be quickly acted upon to avert any electrical dangers such as fire and explosions that may end up injuring someone.

7. Strange AC noises

When your AC is properly working, you should feel it but not hear it. Loud, strange, and annoying noises are an indication that the AC is struggling to work efficiently, which translates to high utility bills. In such situations, call an HVAC professional to do your AC’s maintenance.


Your HVAC system should help you stay cool during summer, and warm during winter. Identifying the above AC problems before time will enable you to enjoy the sunny and freezing days without any system failures.