If you are flush with funds and itching to make some high-end investments this year, what better place to start than your home? The timing couldn’t be better, as far as having extra funds to make renovations or upgrades, because Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies has pointed out that the cost of remodeling projects is going up in the second half of 2021 while the ROI is uncertain at best. That means you’re taking a risk on your home with your investment to make it happier, more comfortable, and safer for you and your loved ones, which is valuable in itself. And ultimately, anything positive you do for your home is good for its basic value.

The question you might have is where to make your high-end home investments. Here are three ideas to spur your creativity to get the most value out of this investment.

1. Create an Open Floor Plan Design

According to The Spruce, open floor plan designs became popular around 1990 and haven’t lost favor. Of course, some traditionalists love having a separate kitchen they can abandon after dinner and worry about the dishes later, but trends are trends for a reason. If you watch any HGTV program associated with house buying, one of the main features people request is an open floor plan design. You and your family might enjoy more togetherness during dinner and snack preparation for the big game everyone is watching in the living room. That also means the cook isn’t isolated from all the friends and family action. Another benefit to this design is that it allows more natural light to flow in, which is another way to offer the illusion of increased space.

2. Update Your House Siding

If your house still features a 10-year-plus paint job, filled with cracks and missing chunks, your exterior is overdue for some serious attention. Additionally, aging siding probably isn’t doing your home’s aesthetics any favors either, so it’s time to start thinking about new siding options. A popular high-end option today is fiber cement siding that will definitely boost your home’s curb appeal with its wood-like appearance. With this siding, you’ll appreciate that it’s not apt to warm or rot like wood tends to do over time.

3. Invest in Smart Home Automation

High-tech smart technology is the epitome of high-end home investment, so this is an area you should consider seriously for various reasons but most importantly for your family’s comfort, convenience, and protection. Smart home automation offers many benefits you might not have considered:

  • Smart door locks and other smart security investments can reduce insurance rates
  • Smart heating and cooling systems save homeowners in energy consumption
  • Many smart homeowners who use smart lighting and other smart features report that they save time
  • Wireless smart light switch options and smart plugs represent some key advancements in smart technology

With the right smart home technology partner, you can access your home from nearly anywhere in the world with a WiFi connection, knowing it is locked up tightly and securely protecting your loved ones and valuables.

High-End Home Investments Offer Your Family More Security and Enjoyment

Even if you have no idea how well these investments might pay off in the future—the chances are good that they will, though—it’s always a smart plan to do things for your family when you can. Investing in your home and adding comforts helps you and your loved ones feel more relaxed. That pays off on its own, inspiring everyone to care for your home. The light and space of an open floor plan design, the curb appeal of new siding, and high-tech smart home automation are all great ways to add convenience, security, and enjoyment to your home life.