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Olga Freyman took a challenge to create an interior for a house which at that moment has looked like a boring concrete box. The project is located in Russia, and Freyman has used exposed timber and timber veneer as well as dark accents of color in the furniture and decoration to fill the space with a sense of warmth and comfort. The house is surrounded by forest and Freyman has made use of this natural source of color and texture by using large floor to […]

Bruce Stafford Architects designed this house in Vaucluse, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. The prime design generator was to frame the various view opportunities from the moment one arrived off the street, by creating a range of different spaces, all connected to a central vertical and horizontal circulation spine on the long axis of the site. This resulted in a series of courtyards and volumetric experiences until arriving at the edge of the infinity pool. The courtyard and double volume living area […]

Designed by David Mikhail, and inspired by their time in Africa, the clients wanted a way of ‘living out in the garden’. The white rendered Suffolk farmhouse has been refurbished and extended with two glazed perpendicular wings – one with an internal swimming pool and the other with living / dining areas and master bedroom suite above. The pool is now the heart of the house. On axis with the entrance and double height, the pool room opens out onto […]

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The VitraHaus designed by Herzog & de Meuron is a showroom space for Vitra’s Home Collection. More than a place for display, the Vitra Haus concept is strikingly beautiful. 12 separate ‘homes’ stacked at 5 stories high with each open glass-wall side facing a different direction. Its unique direction allows you to focus on one display at a time. The gray exterior and the stark contrast white interior makes a spectacular visual display especially at night time. Discover furniture arrangements here in different style genres – inspirational […]

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Imagine the perfect place to work. Cooper Joseph Studio have designed a rural writer’s studio in Ghent, New York. The writer’s studio is a place for one person to work, read and listen to music. Open vistas to a pond and fields are to one side, the other side is immersed in deep woods. The overall impression of the structure is deceivingly simple. Each façade is composed with distinct apertures specifically arranged to the light, the views and tailored, like a bespoke suit to […]

Situated in a semi-arid  in eastern Washington, the house is essentially a collection of attached wood boxes springing from three stone piers that bridge the natural undulations of a hill. Designed for a family, the house is purposefully informal in its layout and in its use of interior finishes. Inside, the spaces are open and interconnected. The kitchen, dining and living rooms are essentially one big space with floor-to-ceiling windows; bedrooms are clustered in a less-open portion of the house. […]

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Created by Brazilian architect Felipe Hess in collaboration with Brazilian artist Renata Pedrosa in the year 2008-09, the apartment is located in São Paulo in Brazil, the apartment area covers around 140 square meters. They redesigned the interior of this 1,500 square foot apartment located in Oscar Niemeyer’s Copan Building in São Paulo, Brazil. The simple white walls and mostly open space underlines the spacious nature of the apartment. According to the Felipe Hess and Renata Pedrosa: “The apartment in the original Oscar Niemeyer’s masterpiece was […]

The ultra avant-garde property known as Villa Issi is a secret oasis in the heart of Seminyak’s fashionable ‘Golden Triangle’ on Bali’s southwest coast. Completed in February 2011, Villa Issi’s architectural and interior design is exceedingly modern. This two-storey masterpiece blends elegant finishes with superior amenities, and takes advantage of its tropical location with an abundance of glass walls and floor-to-ceiling glass doors that can be closed for air-conditioned comfort or fully opened to create a semi-alfresco ambiance. Set on a prime 1500-square-meter block of […]

Paya-Paya Villa is a stylish three-bedroom holiday retreat that makes a dramatic statement in contemporary design. The property is built on an irregular pocket of land on the outskirts of Seminyak and provides sanctuary from everyday reality. There is an element of surprise hidden behind the unassuming walls of this compound where the boundaries of typical accommodation are redefined. Paya-Paya Villa is located in Petitenget close to the border of Seminyak. It is an evolving area that blends the relaxed mood […]

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Christmas is a time of wonder and excitement reflected in the decorations that burst upon the scene in homes, yards, stores and most public areas. Making Christmas crafts is one way for kids and adults alike to get involved in the joy of the season. Save a toilet paper roll and add just a few embellishments to create this cute Santa Claus. This project is easy for kids older than 7 (supervision is needed when using the hot glue gun) and […]

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