The “living room” is the place we entertain guests, watch television, read, and practice the art of living. The living room is sometimes a rarely used room, without a television or other media, where visitors are formally entertained. Either way, living rooms provide a design set piece for you to display your signature look from a stylish combination of living room furniture. This is why it is imperative that this area to be decorated and made into a friendly atmosphere to […]

Malimbu Cliff is a holiday villa located on Indonesia’s Lombok Island. Malimbu Cliff Villa combines modern luxury with breathtaking panoramas to create an exotic island retreat. This stylish, contemporary and ultra chic villa, with four bedrooms plus a kids bunk room and 18-metre infinity pool, has been designed for total rest and relaxation. Fresh and modern in its design, Malimbu Cliff Villa features crisp clean lines with white and grey exteriors to create a light and airy ambiance, while vibrant […]

What a great way to utilize a generally overlooked space! As you can see from the pictures below, the stair is the most attractive point in the living room! The storage items created as such are very important because the room would have looked crowded and full-packed otherwise. Stair shelves and unconventional storage spaces around your stairs are clever ways to organize your home.  Just imagine a second wall filled with books facing the existing library!      

If you love eating out in your backyard, then you would have enjoyed sitting at the Future Feast table designed by Suzanne Biaggi of Sculptural Landscapes in California.  It is a hybrid of your garden and your patio table. She cleverly elevated the picnic to table height while also raising awareness about (landscape) sustainability. By creating a 26’ long table planter featuring an edible centerpiece of herbs, lettuces, and other plants, she reinterpreted raised bed gardening.  Detail of the table showing the edibles around […]

Auburn 7 was designed by MASS Architecture and Design, a Silver Lake–based firm founded in 2005 by Gregory Williams and Ana Henton that has garnered attention for single-family houses. They incorporated what are now considered standard features in a self-respecting “green” home: radiant heating in the floor, tankless water heaters, low-flush toilets, Energy Star kitchen appliances, and high-efficiency HVAC, as well as solar-ready wiring and roof jacks for owners who chose solar energy. In addition, the homes offered energy savings through […]

Not just for barns anymore! Architecture today celebrates the engineering that utilizes beams. So many different styles embrace them in design. There are I-bars in industrial lofts, traditional old inn logs, and bold chevron patterns in more modern spaces. If you like feeling you live in a little house on the prairie, exposed beams will add beauty and architectural interest to your space. Even if they’re painted over, exposed beams immediately add character to a room. They can have the charm of […]

As you remember, recently we found another table with similar design. I love this furniture leg!  It looks like a big melted chocolate.  Created for  his final project, the furniture designer  Matthew Robinson  designed these creative tables called “Fusion Tables”.  It’s an interesting way how two tables come together in an unique form. These  pieces of furniture are manufactured by hand in American Walnut and Maple.              

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Nested in Jakarta, Indonesia, near a tropical village forest, the Distort House was designed by TWS & Partners. How come that it has these distorted proportions? In the front of the site lays a public park with some old big tropical trees. In response to those advantages, the house’s mass outline is shifted close to the back perimeter line of the site, and then twisted in 15 degree, leaving vast green area in the front. This is a unique way to open a more […]

Is there a modern interior that will stand the test of time? We can’t know for sure. But we can try to adjust the trends to our own personality in order to create the perfect space for living. Today, we suggest you to have a look on our gallery and find trendy, contemporary and fresh solutions for decorating your house. The lack of space generally allows only a single furniture arrangement and therefore only a single way for the space to be inhabited, […]

Here is a selection of our favorite inspirational quotes as we’ve personally shared with our readers. Good quotes are often powerful words of wisdom that inspire, educate and even motivate a person to take action. They usually share common themes such as: positive thinking leads to positive outcomes, failure is a stepping stone to success, help yourself by helping others, determination, initiative and persistence are the foundation of success. And yet these lessons of life are typically condensed into 1-2 lines. Therefore […]

Most of the times, the living room is about lighting: you can use it to highlight collections of books, glass, pictures, plants, ornaments or just one cherished piece to make a real statement.Our living rooms are now multi-purpose spaces used for everything from watching television and reading to dining, entertaining and hobbies. With a flexible lighting scheme, you can create the illusion of different spaces for different activities, all within one room. The one we found here mixes very well different rules to […]

The new Hot Pot is a terracotta plant pot that also acts as a grill. If the top is removed,grill grate is seen which fits on the burning coal bed. The hole at the bottom is for water to run off. The top simply lifts off, to reveal a grilling grate that sits over a bed of coals. When you don’t need the grill, you can store that piece with your kitchen stuff. Grow your herbs on the top to […]

Chimneys on the top of the roof…this seems to be the local brand in São Paulo, popularly known as Sampa, and the largest city in Brazil. Architect Marcio Kogan from Studio MK27 took this theme and built a house inspired by that. As we can see from the images below, the chimneys on the rooftop are of varied shapes,  inspired in the chimneys on the rows of houses in the city of São Paulo. The house of 400 sqm was completed in 2009 and had two special interior […]

As you remember, we recently presented an incredibly versatile modular furniture, perfect for anyone who is low on space and want a multipurpose area that can be constantly reconfigured as needed. The TAT-Tris modular seating design was created by Gaen Koh, a Singapore-based industrial designer who was inspired Tetris.   The main purposes of the design are to create an interactive seating that allows them to play and same time to influences their learning in group or individual.  

Taller Héctor Barroso have designed the Guanabanos House in Mexico. I really love this project! Using clever details, the architect combined very beautifully the house with its surroundings. It is refreshing to see a contemporary project move away from sterile concrete landscaping! This house’s architecture is extraordinary well proportioned. This is a delightful, spacious, intelligent masterpiece and I want to live there!                   photo source:

I wish I could have a bathroom like that. Looks elegant and cozy… and it has a nice feminine touch. Perfect and lovely.  Bathrooms are particularly difficult to picture unless you have an example image in front of you. In that spirit, if you need inspiration for your bathroom, here are some very unique products for you to consider. Lovely to look at, and it’s certainly lovely to contemplate the nature from the bathtub.             […]