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A country house that combines a lot of traditional and natural elements in order to let its guests and inhabitants experience “primitive forms” of living. We are writing about the Brick Kiln House, a project developed by SPASM Design Architects and located in Maharashtra, the second most populous state in India. Brick Kiln House consists of two separate structures, built around the lush trees on the site. According to the architects, “the living space has a curious shed-like volume, where the materials of the house […]

  Christmas is a perfect time for everyone. You can enhance that joy decorating your house. You could decorate your entire house inside and out, however it can be easier, or something small like adding ornaments to a table display. Christmas is almost here again. It time to start thinking about decorating your home. Christmas home decorations are the main thing that gives life and color to our home every season.  Simple holiday decorating touches bring Christmas to the quiet vintage style of this antique-white home. So […]

Vintage home décor is very popular nowadays. Using vintage home décor is ideal especially if you are working with a limited amount of money. Vintage things are everywhere yet the modern gadgets fit perfectly and add to the interior view. The color scheme of interior is white in every room so there is a lot going on in furniture, accessories, and decorations. In these  beautiful vintage interiors you can see vintage mixed up with modern gadgets like a computer, modern-style furniture in transparent molded plastic […]

I love the industrial look Levy:Chamizer Architects studio realized for  Giraffe Restaurant from Tel Aviv, Israel. As you can see from the photos below, the architects opted for a heavy, imposing bar made of concrete. When you first enter the restaurant, you notice a lot of elements that compose an industrial decor: a heavy bar made of concrete, simple, wooden chairs that might have been borrowed from a factory, red pipes left uncovered follow an invisible drawing on the ceiling, metal lamps etc. There’s a […]

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Cultural centers and artistic pavilions are original, interesting places where you can find people that share your commitment and passion. Whether it’s sharing your interests, having intelligent debates or trading a little gossip, the friends you have at art centers keep you informed, intrigued and entertained. Located in Baia Mare, a city in northwestern Romania, the cultural center we present you today is called “The colony of the artists” and it was realized by  9.Optiune studio. The concept behind the project dealt with an alternative […]

Wooden walls can add spiritual simplicity to that space behind the bed, the one we see every night right before we go to sleep, warm the living room or separate two different areas in the dining room. The article we present you today presents a gallery of 35 ideas of walls with wood insertions that will accentuate the warm atmosphere of a house, be it minimalist, traditional or eclectic. view also: Top 5 – Restaurant Interior Designs with Wooden Walls Insertions For example, […]

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This house is a private family residence situated on a uniquely shaped triangular plot, the Winged House frames the site with two prominent forms – the trapeziums. We find this residential project, designed by the K2LD Architects in Singapore, beautiful and creative. Inspired by the traditional Malay architecture, the Winged House is split into adjacent forms, with a pair of trapeziums which mark the boundaries of the garden area . The odd structure offers an incredible view over the garden, […]

  Christmas is our favorite time of year and the holidays means sharing and bringing in holiday touches to your home. Christmas decorations should all be about “magic”. And what better way to welcome Christmas spirit, than forgetting all the bad, focusing on what truly matters and turning your home into a miniature festival of joy? For today we decided to  gather a collection of beautiful living rooms, all of them featuring charming holiday decorations. We believe that transforming the […]

House S was designed by studio Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten and is located in Breda, a city in the southern part of the Netherlands.  The living area is raised above the surrounding land, so that the view on the natural environment is optimal. Further solidifying the home’s connection to nature, large floor-to-ceiling windows frame the view, while giving the house a light and transparent character. With an inspiring architecture, an interior design that is both functional and elegant, and […]

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Designed by Stoica Mario from Ezzo Design Studio- an interior design studio based in Timisoara City, Romania, this house was designed for a young family from Ploiesti City. The main idea of the interior design concept came from a mix of vintage and contemporary art. According with the designer: “This property is a two level home that includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms,living/ dining room and a kitchen. From a mix of vintage and contemporary, it is created not only an […]

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