What do you do when you need a background for your flowers? Agneta Enzell chose a black and white design for an orangery situated several meters near the house. Her advice is to look for simple, neutral backgrounds when you have to highlight green plants and colorful flowers.   She says that it’s a unique place for listening to the rain or enjoy the nature during dinner.

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Zen is not just a way of meditation but a way of living. For anyone who loves the concept of  peace and serenity and calmness of mind, zen way of designing is a perfect choice. Look at Zen Beauty Salon we chose for you today! It concentrates on turning your home into a place for getting away from stress and allowing positive feeling and calmness to envelope you. It is designed around ‘less is more’. Think of neutral color on […]

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Stone volumes, glass facades, volumes floating above a water mirror… this house is a testimony of urban, contemporary feelings and fine taste.  As you can notice, the project retakes the geometries of the context  unifying them in a tectonic volume. These volumes float above a water mirror which gives access to the house. A single skin of stone gives color and shape to the whole project, creating modulated openings and perforations that allow the entrance of light. The structural solution is a combination […]

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Located in Melbourne, Australia, the Verdant Avenue House was designed by Robert Mills Architects. Given free rein by an adventurous client desiring a “luxury, contemporary, inner-city family home”, Verdant Avenue became a perfect showcase for the modern RMA residential aesthetic: an opulent, urban cathedral with cavernous living spaces whose towering spiral staircase forms a stunning sculptural centre piece. Floor to ceiling glass brings views of a giant pin oak into every room, creating perfect harmony between architecture and landscape. The […]

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This captivating lamp designed by Nosigner (Eisuke Tachikawa) represents the Super Moon, the biggest full moon in a cycle of 18 years. After the tragic earthquake in Japan, many of the Japanese prayed to the Super Moon for hope. According to Nosigner, this lamp is a symbol of the moon’s “light of hope”. For the creating this lamp Nosinger has used actual 3D topographical data taken from the lunar orbiter Kaguya. The Moon Light replicates exactly the craters and surface of […]

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Located on a PH floor of the legendary Time Warner Center, this approx. 4000 sq ft home offers up to 13.9′ ceilings (many can be raised) and 70-linear-feet on Central Park as well unparalleled jet liner views of the entire city. A 40′ great room has an adjacent 30′ master bedroom suite with en-suite double bath facing the Park. Additionally, the home features 4 large bedrooms, 4 1/2 marble baths, a mahogany wood paneled library, and a huge media room. […]

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Villa Olive is the ideal place for the those seeking for privacy and peacefulness, while still being just a few minutes drive from Gustavia, St. Jean and the famous beach of Gouverneur. Villa Olive is an outstanding new 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom villa built into the volcanic rock of Gouverneur, offering a breathtaking view over the island hills, the bay of St. Jean and the ocean. Ascend a teak stairway to enter the villa and access the central pavilion which features the […]

“Mister T” is a multifunctional furniture created by Paris-based designer Antoine Lesur for French firm Oxyo. Oxyo claims that it “edits objects for the modern lifestyle” and this item is a part of its first collection. As you could see “Mister T” isn’t just one thing. Consisting of a basket, a tray and two cushions it carries many functions and can serve as a low table, a tray, a seat, a footrest. Stylish and functional all-in-one furniture piece. Hope it will be available […]

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Vila Madalena by Drucker Arquitetura, looks like a wonderful place to live for two parents and three small children who will share its 400 square metres. Creating disguised transparency ambiances such as gardens, patios with pergolas, and openings partially protected by brises, Architecture has provided to tenants the desired sunlight, ventilation and privacy. Set in Vila Madalena, western district of São Paulo, a very intensively socially and culturally agitated region, this 400 m² residence was designed by architect Monica Drucker […]

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski is the first five star hotel in Indonesia. The luxury hotel offers pure opulence in the heart of the bustling capital. Located in the central business and embassy district the luxury Indonesian hotel balances sophistication and elegance. The luxury hotel boasts 289 spacious rooms and suites inspired by contemporary Indonesian art and style including the lavish Presidential Suite with its very own private spa, cigar lounge and bar. Directly facing the famous landmark Hotel Indonesia ‘roundabout’ (Bundaran […]

Rest on ‘white’ A group of architecture students in California used 7432-sq-m of plastic sheeting to create a massive, malleable and climbable installation to fill a gallery space. The WHITE project was realized collaboratively by 20 students at the California Polytechnic State University, who fabricated and installed it in just five days. The plastic was sliced, loomed, woven, stapled and taped to create prefabricated panels, which were then custom-fitted to fill the 416-sq-m gallery space.  ‘We wanted to create a […]

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Feed Me by Connect Design is a unique case that fits Apple’s iPhone 4 and 4S while personifying the handset. You need to spend $20 to protect the device with the orange, light pink, grey or black case, adding enough room for the earbuds, cable, credit cards, money, gums, USB stick, photos, or other small items that fit inside the back of the case. Each Feed Me comes with eye stickers to create a face for your handset. These cases […]

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Casarani is an amazing and spectacular villa spotted on Sotheby’s, offering stunning and unique views of the ocean, mountains and city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Listed for sale at $5,404,071, the architect invited the sea and the mountains into the house, creating a serene and gentle ambiance throughout. The property offers security and is within a gated community with stunning homes, and the famous Boutique Hotel La Suite in the neighborhood of Joá. Joa is the smallest and most […]

MccGwire’s installation offers a wall of uniformly aligned wishbones, each one representing a dead soul. In the work’s statement, it reads: “For ‘Brood’, MccGwire selected only the remains of battery-farmed chickens, the unnatural GM uniformity of the bones is shocking: transferring the ancient practices of witchcraft to a much more contemporary and scary one.” There is a further connection drawn to humankind in this piece, as it is meant to represent lost life, in general: “En masse the bones recall […]

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Designed by 0 to 1 Architects, the W House  is placed on a wooded site which  situated along a gentle slope that meets a flowing stream at its bottom. The client was a couple who needed a small office, a large space to host gatherings, guest suite, and open spaces.  The view towards the stream was very important, along with a outdoor space. The spaces are arranged sequentially from roadside entrance, to single story guest wing, and to two story […]

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  Multiplo is a modular object that wants to help people’s everyday life in little space. Style, functionality and above all its adaptability to fit in our small apartments. Versatile and modular furniture are best suited for our houses with limited space. Multiplo can be your bed, table, sitting room and much more in some easy moves.

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