Wanna burn it out in your own cozy crib? I’m pretty sure that most of us don’t have apartments large enough so that we can have our own gym at home. However, Gabriel Prero has a solution for having a “little gym” in your home and created  Otto-Bench, a piece of furniture that also functions as a piece of top quality fitness equipment. Fitting easily in to our living rooms, this latest equipment combines a fully functional Olympic Bench Press, Multi-Adjustable […]

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Created for painting a better picture, the device surely does full justice to its name. Sensitive to every possible touch and movement, the brush is what it takes for an amateur to actually become a master painter. The product consists of a brush like nib, which roams freely over the screen, letting you paint in any way possible.  The Sensu  features a synthetic brush hair tip on one end and an eraser-like rubber nib on the other.

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Wood, stone and books… 3 elements that don’t seem to have very much in common create the main characteristics of this living room. It’s a loft of 250m² where Fernanda Marques succeeded to make a  dream escape from urban frenzy. The nature plays much more than a mere supporting role: one just has to note the intense use of daylight. The use of materials in their rough state was a fundamental idea for its decoration. Daylight, highlighted textures, fully open to the outside… the key to […]

Add some color into your home with these unique furniture pieces designed by MYK. For example, this is the Bommel chair. In German, Bommel means pon-pom and it’s a work that perfectly describes this unconventional piece of furniture. The ” Bommel” also known as Pompon is crafted entirely by hand. Several hundred wool threads are bundled, rolled ,tied, and cut, all of carefully selected high-end quality wool. There are up to 1300 woolen pompons and respectively up to 45 kg of wool forming […]

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The Light Form was designed by Francesca Rogers in cooperation with Daniele Gualeni Design Studio for ILIDE.  Light-Form is a modular lighting system consisting on a variable number of identical modules, completely dependent on each other, linked toghether to create a dynamic mosaic that interacts with the user who can create the desired light size, by manipulating the object and revealing game of light, shapes and contrasts. Is has a structure of warm and soft light, clasped in a double-color […]

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A country house shouldn’t lack elegance even if it’s sometimes difficult to obtain it among logs and animals. The photo we found on Pinterest  proves that you can create a special room borrowing pieces from different styles. Designer Tatiana Rozhkova worked inspired by fairy tales in this large 640 square meter house located in Novokuznetsk, Russia. The combination of natural wood, leather, metal and ceramics around the house create an effect of “noble antiquity”. The uniqueness of this country house, which was named Siberian Tale, […]

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It’s said you need an island to experience the holiday of your dreams… but when this island comes together with an amazing residence, it makes you feel the happiest person on earth. Unfortunately, we can’t rent this house but we can at least look at the pictures and find some inspiration. Located on the Spanish island of Formentera, the house is owned by Consuelo Castiglioni – fashion designer and founder of the label Marni. The residence provokes the traditional spirit and preserves […]

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We have just received some photos from Dragana of her new apartment, located in Belgrade, and we wanted to share with you. She has created a lovely bright space in what seems like pretty cramped quarters. “I was in Amsterdam this year. Wandering through streets of Amsterdam, i found the inspiration to adapt my flat in Belgrade size 51m2, which had been totally ruined. I furnished it with the furniture, mostly white and straight lines.” Thank you again, Dragana!  

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Do you prefer the quiet calm of a house on the water? What could be more relaxing and peaceful than an extended stay of a house on the water?

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The house is located in the north side of S. Michael Island in the Azores. Since the microclimate of this farmland offers frequent wind and showers, the first design strategy was to block these winds with a wall and offer diverse patios and covered courtyards to protect against rain. These two wings end with light entrances from the south. The roof offers a wonderful view of all of the island’s north shore. The typology follows almost classical Palladian and Scamozzi central […]

With 105 meters sea beach front, this unique hotel is situated directly on a beach in the Caribbean Sea. There is plenty of nature to enjoy as a beautiful coral reef in front of the hotel that offers good conditions for scuba diving and snorkeling. Capurgana is a very famous Colombian holiday spot for Eco-tourism. Because of the unique environment the area is the top honeymoon destination in Colombia. Guests are mostly couples who enjoy the intimate and cozy ambiance. […]

Designed by Abaton, the shape of the land that hosts this project -two rectangles joined by a long, narrow corridor- was for architects a real challenge: to build a house that, despite being boxed in, would provide a sense of space. The long corridor conditioned the planning of the house. This peculiarity of the land was reinforced from the entrance hall, and the indoor areas were linked to the exterior increasing the perception of space. The play area on the […]

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Tribute to the Titanic…the tea holder designed by Gordon Adler is made of stainless steel and fits every coffee or tea mug. The mechanism is simple: you have to press the margins and your tea will become more colorful and tasty instantly. I don’t know if I would like to remember of a past tragedy every morning when I have my coffee, but I found this design original and interesting. In the end, it’s a way of artistically paying a tribute to […]

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French mirror, purple striped wallpaper, antique bed… as fabulous as these objects are, it’s the story behind them! The “business” is about the history of a piece, where it came from, the story behind the story. It’s about the people and the hunt. You don’t want to import containers. You want to find it in somebody’s house. You want to talk to them about it. That’s what makes the house  so vibrant and interesting. The bedroom is an outstanding experience. The […]

The next few images are of a lovely apartment in Amsterdam, I think we all at bricks + cartwheels could very easily live or work here. The light is lovely. The light is amazing and the trees are fantastic – seeing it change from season to season. I could dream all day about living there and decorate it so beautifully…..

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Architect Todd Saunders landed a creative and dynamic client when he got the job to design a house on the south-west coast of Bergen, Norway. The result is a rare and beautiful, and Saunders has said that the process has made him into a better architect. Villa G lies like a white landmark in the soft landscape at Hjellestad, near Bergen. The house is large yet not dominating, modern but not pretentious. The house has a futuristic form but is […]