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Catswall is a company which is specialized in developing and manufacturing of cat furniture and supplies. We started the R&D since 2009, and established the Catswall Design in 2011. Although it is not a long history, but Catswall has introduced a number of products which are benefit to the families with multiple cats. The concepts of all these designs were originated from our own needs, a big family with more than twenty cats. In order to solve the problems between […]

Belgium Architects firm Atelier D’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners (AABE) has completed the Genets 3 house project in 2006. This project is a single level home that includes four bedrooms and a complimentary mezzanine office.  From the swimming pool side, the structure appears to be floating weightlessly amongst its surrounding and in contrast to the visually heavy construction materials. This 10,000 square foot two story residence offers high ceilings, four bedrooms, a complementary mezzanine office and an outside swimming pool. […]

TV008 is situated on the unspoilt west coast of Koh Samui. Located at Lipa Noi beach, 30 minutes form the airport and 40 minutes from Chaweng, this place is perfect for a great holiday. It boasts 30 meters of prime beach frontage looking out towards the famous Five Islands with beautiful sunsets viewed straight from the property’s many terraces. A beautiful 6 bedroom villa with some stunning design features. This villa takes open-plan living to a whole other level and […]

JENDRETZKI LLC was founded in 2004. The firm is currently working on residential, retail, commercial, and hospitality projects in New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, Southampton, NY and Geneva, Switzerland. New York City-based studio Jendretzki transformed last year a Hal Levitt mid-century house into a 5,000 square foot, contemporary home in Beverly hills, the famous suburb in Los Angeles County, California, USA. Partitions were replaced with shelving units to open up and connect all spaces. The interior flooring extends out to […]

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Keys here and there, whenever you see they are always there but the moment you need them they defying your physics, just disappear? Funny how the universe works huh? There must be a key to not losing your keys. While a hook may do it but give your keys a good home to stay because these are some cool products especially designed for holding keys in style and you’d no more have to throw your keys in a cup or […]

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Given that cold weather is approaching fast, we thought we should look on the bright and warm side and present your some ideas for your fireplaces. Are you having problems coming up with design ideas for your fireplace? If you are looking to allure nature indoors, installing a stone fireplace could be a step in the right direction. For today we gathered 25 ideas of stone fireplace for your home  that can help you bring warmth into your crib, the elegant […]

Kalia’s twelve luxury residences offer you the opportunity to live the dream of an extraordinary eco-lifestyle. Our homes have been thoughtfully designed to work with the natural contours of the terrain and to fully take advantage of the Costa Rican landscape. Each unit is fully integrated with its surroundings and gracefully blends the interior and exterior spaces, while creating the feeling of living at one with nature. You’ll adore the time you spend in this showcase three-story loft home in […]

This floating-like 152sqm house+atelier building located at a site of 328sqm in Osaka caught my eye today!  I just love the inside/ outside feel of the spaces.  Japanese studio UID Architects has designed the Atelier Bisque Doll project,  an atelier and a private residence for a doll artist. The request was an atelier that can be used as a gallery at the same time functioning as a doll-making studio. Additionally, it should be a space where her friends, who are often invited, can be […]

It is hard to imagine a better environment to build a shelter connected with nature. On the Portuguese coast (about an hour south of Lisbon) lies a hidden piece of paradise … Comporta. Designer and creator of recycled furniture Pequenina Rodrigues, fell in love with the natural beauty of the surroundings and without hesitation, designed this divine shelter. The structure of the house is divided into four traditional fishing huts. In the main hut lies the living room and kitchen, it features […]

Green Fortune is a company based in Stockholm, Sweden, that creates Plantwalls. Plantwall makes it possible to have lots of greenery without losing floor space. Besides the impression of beauty, plants also provides oxygen and humidity to improve the air quality. Some plants even have air cleaning properties. This vertical application of greenery provides a powerful impact on the envirnonment where it is built. It is almost like being outside inside. Plantwall can be varied both in size and shape. […]

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