We’ve recently found on archdaily.com a spectacular project named Viewpoint House. It was realized by 28xarq in 2011, in Peru, Lima.  The most important challenge was to accomplish the client’s needs  in an irregular piece of land on a hill with steep slope. The view you have from here towards the city was decisive and that’s why the house was called “Viewpoint”. 2.8xArquitectos wanted to create a modern, transparent and minimalist volume with plenty of light, including certain concepts of the modern architectural movement of the 30´s. The problem of […]

Spectacular views and transparent, fluid interiors…this is how I would summarize House A, a building we found on www.archilovers.com. It is located in Habonim, on the southern side of Mount Carmel, North Israel and it was realized by architect Heidi Arad. The moment I first saw the pictures I said: “Look! He managed to bring the Mediterranean sea inside!” It’s true that the natural landscape has a lot to offer and the architect created a transparent skin with wide, large glass walls. Moreover, […]

Italy has many dreamy destinations and Sicily is one I love most! We found on Welcomebeyond a boutique hotel that made me desperately ask for a vacation…I’d like to spend several days here where the rustic décor gives a taste of the history and traditions from the area. Guido Alessandro, the manager of the hotel says: “The building is of historic importance and used to be owned by monks. It is set on the slopes of Mt. Etna looking over the Mediterranean. It […]

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  Zaha Hadid’s recently-opened Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku caught fire today. Flames started in the ceiling and, according to the Emergency Situations Ministry and Azerbaijani Prosecutor General’s Office, were successfully prevented from spreading throughout the inner parts of the museum. Thankfully, no one has been hurt. via archdaily.com and today.az

German architectural firm, Maas Architects realized a modern residence in Bosch en Duin, a village from The Netherlands. The house respects a concept of fusion of several different volumes, while the differences in height create a dynamic interior. The house features a garage, a fitness area and a sauna as well as the regular domestic areas, including the living rooms, the bed rooms and the bathrooms. The house functions also as an office, and there are two office spaces in the house.  The offices have façades of glass on […]

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Today I would like to show you this amazing Custom Guitar Sink I found. This sink seems to belong to the musicians rockers and  is a sink sitting on a custom rustic cabinet made from salvaged wood from older homes. This concrete vanity sink was based on a Fender stratocaster guitar. This is a very sexy project that just made me rethink the changes I wanted to make in my kitchen.          

Seen on Architizer, the Magazine Rack Chair was designed by Seung Han Lee , a designer from South Korea, currently living in England. ” I have produced a unique and innovative piece of furniture, which was inspired by the idea of combining a magazine rack and chair into one multi-functional, space saving design. The chair was made from stainless steel to give a more lively reflective quality to the chairs aesthetic appearance. The design’s most important feature is that your magazines can be stored […]

Spanish furniture company, Nueva Linea brings us their vision of what today’s youth would prefer in their rooms. These teenager’s bedrooms look more like retreats, with clever items providing ample storage, (teenagers aren’t generally known for their minimalism), while incorporating the necessities of today’s youth-good size work stations in entertaining space. A lot of young people hate the look of those impossibly tidy rooms that furniture companies tend to show off on their catalogs. They like to see rooms that appear a bit more ‘normal’ and ‘inhabited’ […]

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Malaysian interior design studio Interlink Design Solutions has remodeled the Hillside Bungalow in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. What I liked most is the fact that the house was painted in white and it makes it easier to notice all the architectural lines and appreciate its form. Even if Interlink Design Solutions is known for its modern concepts, Hillside Bungalow was remodeled according  to one principle:  “remain faithful to the original architect ‘s conception and spirit of the house”. This house of 4500 square feet was built on 8000 square feet […]

How would I describe it in few words? It is aesthetic, distinctive and with uncompromisingly clarity of form. The HUF House was designed by architect Manfred Adams who first talked about his idea of a  timber-frame house with large windows and open plan design with  entrpreneur Franz Huf in 1969. This collaboration of two visionaries built the HUF FACHWERKHAUS 2000, which over the coming  years evolved into an architectural icon and European brand. Here is what Manfred Adams says briefly: “ The floor plans and spacial design […]