Slate cladding is the winner if you want an infusion of naturalness at home. Performing at high standards, the panels fit amazingly both inside and outside. They are available in a wide range of styles and colors, from Thus, plan the remodel of the living and think of inserting a natural wall with personality. Or, enrich the terrace with grained rock screens facing the pool. One of their most important characteristics is the water resistance. Just compare slate tiles to any other cladding solutions such as cement. You will realise that the first ones are more elegant, sophisticated and sustainable. What else? Due to their low maintenance and durability, slate tiles have become really trendy lately. Both designers and architects consider this material optimal for building. Add colourful spots and some greenery and the space will immediately feel alive.

Stylish bathroom with Slate Cladding

This contemporary bathroom feels airy and uncluttered due to minimalist items of furniture and a palette of natural colors. The wood flooring assures a comfy support enriched by the fluffy carpet. On the other hand, the clean sanitary items integrated perfectly, allowing free access all around. Why ‘building’ a slate wall? Compared to other different natural materials such as ceramic or stone, slate is more sustainable and long-lasting.

Paradisiac Oasis at Home

This wonderful oasis is a little paradise. A pond with water lilies overlooking a marvelous garden is all you need during hot summer days. Installed between two walls, the corridor seems to be a perfect place for the pool. Moreover, it offers intimacy and a feeling of both security and protection. Decorate with white pebbles and wooden decking for a natural effect.

Slate Wall in a Contemporary Kitchen

Although the material is quite precious, feel free to consider a wall of this type in the kitchen. If so, pay attention to heights and widths; in case the kitchen is not very tall, the space will feel ridiculously cluttered. Grey slate mixes well stainless steel items thus look for complementary sink, cooker, and microwave. Do not forget about greenery if you want to enliven the space!

Lighting spots and fit-in accessories

Slate walls allow the mounting of LCDs and shelves with decorations. The kitchen below features a decorative wall with black and white photos and frames. You can also add books, magazines, sculptures or little pots with succulents. The average weight should not exceed 5kg. Modern lighting spots will create a cozy warm atmosphere at home.

Beautiful and Cost-friendly

I would love to spend my summer mornings on the terrace with a delicious coffee nearby. Or late night gatherings over a glass of wine. This place is welcoming and very relaxed. Due to an honest connection with the garden, the inhabitants enjoy wonderful views and feel very close to the nature. Available in a variety of exquisite colours, slate cladding features naturally veining and variations in style which add to its artistry. Elegant wrought iron furniture accommodates perfectly on the terrace. Play with textiles and prints — vivid pillows will animate the space in a second!