A lot of people have probably heard of Amish furniture. They understand the basic idea that it is wooden furniture that is well made by the Amish. Beyond that, though, they might not know much else. That’s okay, since there is a lot to learn in the world. As part of that learning, it might surprise you to know that Amish furniture is not only a great investment for comfortable, quality furniture in your home, it can also be a financial investment opportunity as well.

Understanding Amish furniture

To truly appreciate Amish furniture, it helps to understand just what Amish traditional furniture is and what makes it so well renowned. The pieces are handcrafted with traditional tooling and made from sustainable solid wood. This means the furniture is crafted in small batches, and they are as much a work of handcrafted art as furniture. They are, also, incredibly functional. With the right care, these solid wood pieces can last for centuries. It is because of this that they have investment potential.

Personal investment

Besides financial possibilities, there is also the personal investment to consider. Reasons like quality of life and comfort can’t be measured financially, but are still an important part of furniture acquisition. Such pieces can be pricey, after all, and wanting to get the most value from your expenses makes sense.

Amish furniture can provide that quality. Elegant in its simplicity and renowned for its craftsmanship, such pieces can easily provide the comfort and function desired of high end quality furniture. Whether you’re just looking at Amish wood upholstery samples or getting a new coffee table, the benefits of comfort and function are hard to measure, bit essential to have.

Family investment

Since Amish furniture can last so long, you may find yourself wondering what do with a piece from time to time. Whether from downsizing or someone dying, figuring out what to do with Amish furniture when there’s no room needs some thought. If possible, passing the pieces on to beloved friends or family, or an institution that could make use of it, is certainly a type of investment. Wooden furniture lasts, and handing down pieces through the generations not only provides quality and comfort, it also passes down family memories and heritage.

Sometimes, though, people who inherit Amish furniture can’t make use of it, either due to lack of room or environmental issue. In such instances, it might be worth considering selling the pieces, and doing so in a way that ensures a modest, yet reliable profit.

Financial investment

While improved comfort and quality of life are certainly benefits, some people like to consider the potential financial aspects of investment. Generally, when people think of investing, they consider it from a standpoint of stocks and bonds. Hard assets have increasingly become investment opportunities, however. Again, people tend to think of commodities like gold and silver, but collectables and other items have become popular for investing.

While furniture may not seem like an ideal investment idea, remember what you’re working with. Amish furniture is long lasting, high quality, and highly desirable. That means, in time, it is possible to increase in value. There are no guarantees, of course, as any investment carries risks. Still, with the right knowledge and patience, there is potential for investment return.

Know the market

Any type of financial investment is best done with an understanding of the market involved. This is true for commodities, stocks, collectibles, and furniture. With Amish furniture, the market is going to be pretty steady over the long term, because it is not a traded commodity or a hot collectable. That means prices tend to remain stable, and the opportunity for profit depends largely on the initial investment and where you expect to achieve a return.

Toward that end, the bulk of profitability will be achieved on the secondary market. Consignment stores and sites like Craigslist provide various opportunities to sell Amish furniture at reasonable expectation of profit. These markets can take time to sell a large item, so immediate returns should not be expected. Investments can take time, after all, and that is especially true with items that don’t see very often and have a high sticker price attached.

When it comes to investment, Amish furniture may not be a first, second, or even third thought. It is an option, though, and not just in terms of finances. Amish furniture can provide valuable investments in personal and family quality and comfort, not only for the present but future generations as well. It can, also, be used for financial investment. To do so will take time and patience, and returns are unlikely to be high. Still, stable, reliable investments have a value all their own. One way or another, investing in Amish furniture provides a great investment in peace of mind.