When people think of technology, “style” is not usually the first word they associate with it. Instead, they’re more likely to think in terms of, say, “function.” But technology has an aesthetic appeal all its own, and when effectively used, it can produce an exceptional style.
When it comes to your home style, one of the most useful categories of tech (both in style and function) is smart technology. Usually designed to bring technological simplicity to household tasks, smart home technology devices are an effective way to upgrade your home style while staying functional.
There are a host of smart home devices available on the market performing a variety of functions. But here are three that will definitely give your home that style lift while providing optimum functional benefits.

1. Smart Locks

Smart locks are like a gadget straight out of a James Bond movie. Equipped with a wide variety of access methods like fingerprint scanners, voice commands, and face scanners, smart locks take a basic activity like opening your front door and turn it into an exciting activity.
Once you connect your smart lock to your primary access device (most times, your smartphone), you can remotely control everything that happens at your front door. For instance, you can grant temporary access to people and revoke it when you want. If you’re inside and someone rings your doorbell, you can unlock it without having to get up.
Smart locks are a notable example of functional technology with a sleek appearance. Case in point: They upgrade the security of your home by giving you complete control over who or what can pass through your front door. And they also make your front door look more aesthetically pleasing.

2. Virtual Voice Assistants/Smart Speakers

These two are paired together because your virtual voice assistant system will most likely come in the form of a smart speaker. Equipped with a microphone that allows you to issue commands, this system is the Alfred to your Batman. With your virtual assistant system, you can control all the other smart devices in your home.
As such, your virtual assistant can help you turn off your smart coffeemaker while you do the dishes or play music while you’re working out. It can also help you set timers and alarms, and you can even put it in charge of your smart locks. When you get a virtual assistant system, you take the first real step to making your home a smart home. And, of course, it’s another cool feature to show your guests.

3. Smart Lighting

Another smart home gadget that would fit right at home in a spy movie (if the movie was a tour of the spy’s house, anyway), smart lights straddle the line between functionality and aesthetics. With remote access, voice commands, or even hand gestures, you can increase or decrease light intensity, brightness, and ambiance, all of which when properly set can help boost your sleep rhythm or make it easier to work from home.
But you can also, for example, change colors to set the mood for a romantic evening. Smart light panels are also typically designed to be integrated into your home design. Thus, you get a style boost without disrupting the overall design of your home.

Making a Smart Choice with Smart Home Technology

There are numerous options out there to explore when it comes to smart technology. If the options seem overwhelming, consult a professional to help you get started. A good rule of thumb in picking out smart home technology is to make sure you buy devices that are compatible. That way, you can build on it over time until you have a fully smart home. And apart from the fact that you can awe your guests with these cool features in your home, these gadgets make your life much easier and are worth every dollar you invest in them.