As you design the bathroom, it is normal to make mistakes. The only situation when this does not happen is when you are an interior designer but most people do not have such knowledge. Obviously, some of the mistakes are more common than others. This is what we will focus on in the following paragraphs so you know what you have to avoid at all costs, according to specialists at Plumbers Belconnen.

Choosing Small Tiles With An Intricate Design

Small and intricately designed tiles are very popular because homeowners believe they easily revamp the bathroom. They are often used in abundance around vanities, for the shower stall or vanity tops. The problem with this is that when you want to sell the home, most interested buyers will not appreciate your design choices.
The big problem with these tiles is that maintenance is complicated. You need to spend a lot of time cleaning the grout. Due to this, we have to consider the use of these tiles as a pretty big design mistake that has to be avoided. Smaller amounts of the tiny decorative tiles are better used to accent some shower areas or regions around a vanity.

Mismatched Bathroom Features

All bathroom finishes and features have to coordinate. When this does not happen, the room does not have a cohesive design. Fortunately, this is something that you can easily fix. Think about the overall look that you want for your bathroom. Then, replace the features that do not have the appropriate finish. Do not forget about doorknobs, lighting fixtures, faucets and other small elements that also need to coordinate.

Using Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is preferred by so many homeowners and it is easy to understand why since it always looks inviting, classy and warm. This is a flooring option that is perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, and even bedrooms. However, hardwood flooring is not great inside the bathroom.
The problem with hardwood is that moisture can easily warp it. Then, its appearance is instantly affected. You need to only use flooring options that are resistant to moisture in a bathroom.

Adding Décor Pieces

Most people see their bathrooms as an area where décor items should not be present. This is incorrect. The bathroom is still a room inside the home. Based on the size, you can always add some decorative items. This would make the bathroom feel much warmer. You can add decorative clocks, oceanic items or even a vase with some flowers.

Exposed Plumbing

The only situation in which exposed plumbing should be present in a bathroom is when you opt for the industrial design theme. In all other situations, pipes have to be covered. Exposed plumbing does not look great and can be a large hazard for children. Based on what is exposed, it can be expensive to cover exposed plumbing. However, it is completely worth it. Just take your budget into account and you will surely be able to make the changes that would look great inside the bathroom.