A modern city must to reinvent itself every time. Must be clean, modern and in touch with nature and technologies. For today we gather some brilliant ideas that can make your city more comfortable.

These contemporary modern bench are so smart. The artist combine nature with concrete, and the results are amazing. We love smart and modern design.  All these unique bench ideas are designed for public spaces and are so creative. They are blended into one and together realize a perfect mix including natural elements, technologies, modern materials. All surfaces are linked together, and each one is continued by another one: floor with seats, seats with grass, grass with walls, and so on… looks like a fun opportunity and no space is wasted. Such a brilliant ideas!Urban furniture is “furniture” for urban space, for spaces that are used by public at large, such as sidewalks, parks, public plazas and parking spaces.

Urban furniture is “furniture” for urban space, for spaces that are used by public at large, such as sidewalks, parks, public plazas and parking spaces. Park benches must improved durability suitable for all weather conditions. There are a range of round and rectangle benches, wooden or metal- everything you want. So, with all these inspired ideas you have all you need for creating a space that you love calling my home, my city!

Think outside the box

It is really the furniture that makes your house a comfy place to live in. Isn’t it?Smarter the furniture more comfortable and convenient your home is. So, if this same logic is used in building up smart cities, won’t it make the city a better place to move around? Yes, it will! And that is why the concept of smart city furniture is gaining grounds in smart cities around the world.

The moment you step in the house, the first thing that you use is a furniture. We all want out streets to look as beautiful as our homes and to bring colorful accents to our life. Fresh, inspiring furniture is meant to be enjoyed by everyone.

Whether we talk about digital signs, smart benches or even fully-integrated smart bus stops – there are a lot of new products available in terms of smart urban street furniture.

What exactly is a smart city furniture?

Cities of today have become the busiest places – at every hour of the day, you can spot people at bus stands, parks and other public places. The roads too are always busy with vehicles passing by.

Sustainability + Clean Energy + Smart Technology = Smart City Formula
Here you will find more smart urban street furniture for smart cities. This article describes several possibilities how your city can be transformed into a smart city.

Soofa Develops Smart Urban Furniture to Educate the Public About Environmental Issues

A Soofa is essentially a solar-powered smart bench that, at its most basic, provides citizens with free outdoor device charging. However, it’s much more than that. Soofa also provides its users with location-based information such as air quality, weather, and noise level by uploading data to its website, Soofa.co. It’s accomplishing this task by partnering with Verizon and utilizing its 4G LTE network. More ideas are presented here also: Energize the Future with these Creative Designs of Solar Energy Trees

All the architects that take part in this exterior make over have worked on designing our interiors and exteriors and have decided to extend that feeling outdoors. These wonderful creations remind us to have faith in the visual artists that shape our world and to never forget to stop and smell the roses. for urban and outdoor environments. With the smart city movement accelerating around the globe, it is only a matter of time before you will find smart urban street furniture in a public space within your region.

Enjoy our article and feel free to comment below the photos. These 30 benches have an inspiring design for the modern society, but they have one flaw: very few people can enjoy them. There are only so many in the world. How about your street? What benches make your neighborhood special?