Every guy dreams of having the perfect man cave, a place to unwind, relax and get away from the outside world. Whether it’s built in the basement, the garage or a spare bedroom, a man cave is the place to display your unique identity, relax, and even reflect on your life goals. If you want a place to escape to and invite friends over when the pubs get too crowded or just a sanctuary in your home to fill with all your favorite things, then you should build your own man cave. From the perfect location to the finishing touches, here are some unique man cave ideas to help you create the ultimate man lounge.

Turn that spare room into a mantuary with these unique man cave ideas

So you want a man cave, but you don’t know where to start? Well, the first step to consider when planning a man cave is to find the perfect space. It’s important to have a dedicated space for your ultimate man lounge. If you try to place it in rooms where other things are happening, you will never feel like you have totally escaped. This can be anywhere from a shed, spare room, garage or basement. In many cases, the basement makes a perfect location. No matter where the location is, what is most important is the feeling of privacy and personal space. The best man cave is the one you make. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to achieve a stylish and comfortable space of your own but it does require your own individual touch.

basement man cave ideas
If you are lucky enough to have a full basement for your man cave, that space is perfect to be used as a personal area for hobbies and leisure activities. [photo source]
unique man cave ideas
The basement provides a space that will let you maximize the amount of ‘cool’ you can squeeze into your man cave. [photo source]
basement man cave
Classic man caves, just like real caverns, should be located underground. [photo source]
garage man cave ideas
Most garages are perfectly suitable – or can be made suitable – for a man cave. [photo source]
garage man cave ideas
If you dream of having a man cave, and you have a garage, these man cave ideas will help you create your own male sanctuary. [photo source]
garage man cave ideas
While many homeowners use their garages as a rec room, these man cave designs have taken it to a whole new level. [image source]
attic man cave
Most homeowners tend to have that little attic space that goes unused most of the time. With a little creativity it can be turned into an awesome man cave. [image source]
attic man cave ideas
Often used just for storage, or just forgotten about entirely, the attic can offer huge potential to create your own unique man cave. [image source]
attic man cave ideas
You can start get motivated by these best man cave designs to create something really special in these neglected space of your home. [image source]

Choose your theme to design a man cave masterpiece

The next step in designing the greatest, manliest man cave ever is to pick a theme. It’s not about matching color schemes and furnishings, it’s about your interests and hobbies. Sports and movies are some of the most popular themes but you could always break it down even further.  There are a plethora of themes out there, it all depends on your passions. You could even mix themes, depending on your interests and the space you have. Remember that the room should help you relax and recharge, so go for that theme that feels right at home with you. After you chose a specific theme, make sure that everything from the wall color to the style of furnishings is aligned with it.

best man cave ideas
These unique man cave ideas will inspire you to turn that spare room into the ultimate sports watching arena. [source]
sports-themed man cave
Sports and man caves go perfectly hand in hand and this ultimate man lounge is the best example! [photo source]
cinema man cave
Man caves should be the epitome of entertainment and relaxation, and what better way to achieve that than going with a movie-theater theme? [source]
gaming man cave ideas
Some people take their love of gaming more seriously than others. A gaming man cave take the things to a whole new level. [source]

Man cave essentials for the ultimate man cave

Every guy deserves a space in his home that showcases his favorite stuff — be that sports memorabilia, video games, vinyl records, the latest and greatest tech gizmos, or anything else he loves. Truthfully, each individual defines their own man cave, so there is no predefined list of things that a man cave should have. Nevertheless, there are a small number of things that most man rec-rooms gotta have. We’ve got you covered with a few essentials to fill your space with. They will make your man cave look classy, keep it entertaining, and transform it into a prime space for relaxation.

man cave essentials
Whether you’re looking to watch the big game or are being summoned by your Call of Duty clan, a big TV screen will take your man cave to the next level. [photo source]
man cave bar
The truth is no man sanctuary is ever complete without a bar. Even if it’s as simple as a wall shelf! [source]
man cave pool table
The ultimate man lounge should definitely have a pool table! It adds that macho and cool dimension to a man cave. [source]
best man cave ideas
All best man cave designs come with a collection of sports memorabilia. If you like watching sports, you might as well be surrounded by it. [source]
man cave ideas
Nothing says man cave like a comfy chair. Choose a good leather chair that is water and spill resistant and eternally stylish and remember to put some extra seats for guests. [source]
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