If you live in an old house with outdated interiors that needs bringing into the 21st century, this article could be for you. Whether you’re looking to improve the value of your property, wow visitors, or simply make it more pleasant to live in, there are a number of key tips you can use to help make your interiors new and modern. Thankfully, not all of these tips are as expensive as you might think — let’s have a look at them.

1. Get new flooring

Nothing dates a home like old carpets. If you really want to give your property a fresh, modern feel, try re-laying your floor, especially with wood panelling. A good quality floor goes a long way to improving your interiors and adding value to your home. If you can afford it, you could even get under-floor heating, improving energy efficiency and adding even more value to your property.

One good tip with wood flooring is not to just cover one floor or room — have it extending the entire downstairs of your property to give the whole house an open, flowing feel. Again, this could make it seem bigger and add even more value to your home.

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2. Consider a new lighting system

While standard lights do the job well enough, they don’t really wow people. Try installing a new lighting system that includes uplights, spotlights and different colors to really show off your home.

You could also install some exterior lighting. Not only will this make your home look great in the evening, it’ll also serve as an extra security feature.

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3. Prioritize certain rooms

If you can’t afford to renovate or even decorate the whole house at once, you’re not alone. Most people have to do one room at a time as and when they can afford it. If that’s the case for you, stick to certain rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. These might be the most expensive to do, but they’ll also add the most value and make the biggest impact on visitors.

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4. Re-clad the front of your home

A simple modern cladding could do wonders for the external impact of your property. It doesn’t need to be expensive, either — simply add the right cladding for your area, or even give your walls a fresh coat of paint. Just make sure you’ve got permission to use the colors or cladding material you want in your particular area.

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5. Re-partition some interior walls

Be careful with this one — make sure a professional has checked you aren’t moving anything structural. However, if you know what you’re doing, changing the interior layout of your home might not be as difficult as you think. With open plan living becoming more and more popular, you might actually be able to create that feel simply by moving a few internal walls. Alternatively, you could rearrange your living spaces to suit the needs of your specific family, and potentially add value to your home.

These tips could greatly help improve not only the look of you home but will also increase property value. People looking for Dallas homes for sale will want to see some of the best the area has to offer. With these simple design tweaks, that could be your home.

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