The kitchen towel holder is the negligible ingredient of a cooking room. But, although kitchen accessories are amongst our latest concerns when we organise space at home, they are incredibly useful. The working space in a cookery would feel incomplete without towel bars, knives racks, cloth holders and a dish drainer. They signal the functionality of a room and transform the busy hours into serene escapes. You have everything at your fingertips. Stretch your hands and take what you need. Moreover, they are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and styles, and thus capable of transforming the kitchen into a catchy place. Explore our collection and pick up what meets your taste!

Removable Towel Rack

The item below is one of my favourite kitchen accessories. Adaptable to various furnishings, it is easy to install it and to make use of it. Choose the right door – it can be that of the cabinet under the sink or another cabinet near the working island – and fix it! Thin enough to allow the door to be closed and opened, this towel holder is an extremely functional product in the kitchen. You can change its position anytime and make use of space smartly!

Cupboard Towel Rail

It hangs over cabinets and drawers and it is perfect for dish cloths and towels. In case you are interested in its dimension, it hangs over cupboard doors up to 2cm (0.75″) thick. Made of stainless steel and featuring chrome finish, the product is extremely functional. If you forgot to design towel holders in your kitchen from the very beginning, order 3 or 4 towel bars. You will immediately solve the problem by hanging the towels over the cupboard doors under the sink.

Kitchen Towel Racks

Tiny and light, this towel rack attaches to the door of a cabinet and can be used with ease. When the clothes are already dried, you can quickly take the racks out of the door and hide them in the storage area. As a result, your kitchen will always feel airy and tidy. One more plus: the colourful items will animate the space, making the kitchen feel young and fresh.

Towel Bar

If you want to hide the towels, fix a bar on the interior of the door and open it regularly for drying. This ‘invisible’ model is elegant and stylish. Since the bar is hidden, you do not have to worry about matching it with other pieces of furniture. Simply make sure the door is resistant enough so to hold the bar, and fix it!

A sky blue set of holders for dish soap, towels and sponges

If the space permits, fix the towel holder on one side of the cooking island. You can take them easily while cooking and put them to dry afterwards. Metal and wood are amongst the frequently used materials. For a rustic and welcoming atmosphere, choose a wooden stand. If the kitchen is modern, a metal holder would feel just perfect!

Elegant Towel Holder For the Sink

Extremely stylish, this elegant towel holder hides the cloth in the sink, while also allowing a slow process of drying. Its simple fixing system attaches to interior wall and offers space for hanging clothes. It is true, you cannot hold very many items, but two or three are enough. This solution is perfect for open space kitchens or open floor with shared living room. You do not have to worry your guests will notice the cleaning kit a the sink.

Paper Tissue Holder

When space permits, it would be ideal to fix a paper tissue holder in the dish cabinet. It does not have to be very big. Just the average size of the paper tissues we usually use in the kitchen. Thus, you will have easy access to them and you will keep the paper protected from humidity. The holder attaches easily to the board and its flexible arm allows the refill of the paper roll. The holder is very practical and works amazingly for both kitchens and bathrooms. Made of durable metal and carefully designed, the kitchen roll dispenser is a must-have item. You’ll be enjoying this tissue holder for a long time to come.

The mounting system is very simple: hang the towel bar by attaching it to the wall/ door. Place the kitchen towel dispenser in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. This items is probably the most cognoscible mark of all the kitchen accessories. It sometimes functions as a decorative exhibiting holder that supports beautiful table napkins. To add an energetic infusion to the space, opt for hot colors: green, red, orange and pink. For a welcoming character, insert beige, brown or mild creamy white.

This classic paper holder attaches to the door of the cabinet and supports a paper roll. As a result, you will easily have access to paper napkins.

Attach it to the sink or to the door of a cabinet! Practical and light, the holder cleans easily with liquid soap. Moreover, when you do not want to leave the sponges and the soap dish outside, you can easily disassemble the pieces. Store them in a cabinet or in a drawer nearby.

This wooden towel holder attaches easily to the wall and it is perfect above the working countertop. It integrates amazingly in a rustic kitchen or in an outdoor cooking area. You can also fix it on brick walls and wooden parapets.