2020 has been an eventful year in more ways than one. While the confinement was hard on many, it also inspired interior redecoration trends that livened up our daily feeds. From bright murals to indoor exotic plants, 2020 encouraged the design adepts to think boldly and dare to make their interiors the space of their dreams.

Viral social media trends have infiltrated sophisticated interior design, and the creative-minded are invited to play with lighting, paints, and patterns to craft a unique space. If you see 2021 as your year to express to release the design genius within, get ready to be inspired. Change is everywhere, and when it comes to interior decoration, it is mostly for the better.

1. Bring Your Garden Indoors

If there’s one thing the recent lockdown has taught us, it’s that there’s nothing quite as valuable as some time outdoors. However, suppose your current living situation makes a walk to the park difficult or an escapade to a prairie or farm virtually impossible.
In that case, it may be time to bring the greenery to you. Plenty of plants, ranging from your classic Anthurium to a dwarf Orange Tree, can grow to full health indoors. Tastefully balanced with a modern interior, they will create the eerie, surrealist interior of glaorous magazines and Instagram shoots.

2. Go Retro With Posters

The pandemic has encouraged a return to the basics of your hobbies. Your interests and passions are, after all, all you have to keep you positive and inspired when you’re locked inside. So why not celebrate your youth’s favorite artist or band with a re-colored poster?
Plenty of graphic designers are now providing clients with the opportunity to have their favorite image re-worked to heighten its sharpness or bring out its coloring. Ultra-saturated posters will give your interiors a retro edge without seeming too infantile, as long as the printing is of quality and you invest in a good frame.

3. Wall Murals Bring Outside Excitement To You

Wall murals turn your indoor space into the dreamlands of your deepest desires. Whether you opt for a jungle theme or some of the abstract artistic work featured on https://www.photowall.co.uk/canvas-prints, murals allow you to turn larger spaces into huge immersive pieces of art.
Canvas prints are exceptionally trendy because they allow you to feature colorful work in your interior design seamlessly.4. Lighting Is Your Fun, Versatile Friend

Being scared of lighting eccentrics should be a thing of the past. As popularised by Pinterest and, more recently, viral Tik Tok videos, colored LED lighting instantaneously turns your indoor space into an ultra-trendy gallery or lounge, without the discomfort of unknown decor.
Plus, it’s guaranteed to look ephemeral and fun on pictures. LED lighting is now relatively affordable, and plenty of light designs are eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

5. Flowers Are Making Their Comeback

A few years back, when minimalism started to creep into all design trends, flowers were considered somewhat over-indulgent. However, indulgence is back in, with influencers and interior designers incorporating huge floral arrangements in their everyday décor.
If you’re looking for something timeless, invest in a quality artificial bouquet. Some of the designs available online are so realistic that they could fool the most seasoned florist at first glance!

6. Cheap Art-chic Is Possible

Until recently, there was an elitism to contemporary art that excluded the average adept. Now, an increasing number of talented artists are making their copyrighted work available online for printing for an accessible fee.
Your neighborhood printer will be able to put any of your purchased digital artworks on paper, and post framing, the final piece will look as striking as anything featured in museums and galleries – at a fraction of the price of such pieces.
Because of their affordability, you can also keep switching them up and stay on trend by constantly changing the works you hang.7. Get Visual-Gallery Cool With Empty Spaces

The empty space look isn’t entirely out of vogue yet. Having empty space is the best way to make your indoors look larger and give you room to create your mini art gallery or line your walls with pictures.
Empty spaces are incredibly flattering pictorial backdrops because they allow all the attention to remain on you. If you’re thinking of making your empty space more striking, invest in a large mirror with a rugged frame, which will give dimension to your room.