Although it may be difficult to accept, prospective buyers are not interested in getting to know your four-legged family member. If you’re hoping to sell fast in Austin, you can help potential buyers overcome their fear of your pet by doing the following actions.

Deodorize Every Room

Even the most well-kept pets can sometimes have an offensive odor. Because a buyer’s first impression of a house is frequently how it smells, you should do everything necessary to eliminate any scents or odors associated with pets.

Clean Up the Yard

Anyone interested in buying your property will want to look around in every room. This includes the backyard, where your pet does its business. You don’t want to lose potential buyers simply because they stepped in some pet waste and tracked inside. So, you can avoid this by making sure the backyard is pet-dropping-free.

Remove Evidence That Pets Live There

It is preferable if a potential buyer is unaware that you own a pet; however, this is only sometimes possible. Be sure to put away beds, toys, and food bowls before feeding your pet. If you can’t hide all of it, at least ensure it’s all tucked away in one spot where it looks good.

Repair Damages Caused by Your Pets

Regarding cleanliness, pets aren’t always the best of housemates. If the floor, the door jams, or anything else in the home has been damaged by your pet in any way, shape, or form, you must take the necessary steps to repair or replace things before showing the house to potential buyers.

Keep the Pets Away During a Showing

There is no question that this is a challenging task, but it is in everyone’s best interest to ensure the pet is not in the house when it is being presented. If this means you take your dog for a walk, have a friend watch your kitties for the day, or even consider booking them a stay at the local boarding home for pets.

What About Noisy the Neighbor Dog?

It’s more than just your dogs that can put potential buyers off when you’re attempting to sell a home with animals. Barking dogs is a concern that observant buyers and real estate agents regularly point out. You should act as politely and helpfully as you can in this circumstance. Talk to your neighbors and ask if they can bring their dogs indoors during showings. You can go one step further and share some of the steps you’ve had to take regarding your pets. Alternatively, you can pay for pet sitting, dog walking, or doggie daycare when you have showings booked. Worst case, put a water feature like a waterfall in your yard to make a more pleasant sound that will drown out the barking.

You are not alone in trying to sell a home with pets. You can search for a real estate agent with expertise guiding pet owners through successful home sales.

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