Your DIY projects allow your exterior spaces to catch life. However, those projects cannot be done by hand alone – you need a set of tools that can help you get the task done.
These items should always be in your tool shed so that when you have an idea for a project, you can grab them right away. Here are some tools that will help you with most of your projects.

Power Drill

You can’t expect to get any DIY project done without a power drill. Turning too many screws by hand can not only be difficult but also time-consuming. A power drill will save you time and energy, making your job much easier.
You may go for a corded electric drill if you tend to work near a power outlet or prefer a cordless option that uses a rechargeable battery, allowing you to drill at any distance from your power source.


A level is an essential tool for your exterior projects, as every creation of yours has to be raised on a level surface. A simple tool with an important job, the small air bubble in your level will sit in the center to tell you when your construction is properly aligned. It can be an above-ground pool, a deck, or a shelter – whatever you build, the smallest error may damage the structural integrity or comfort of your project.

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Garden Hose Reel

If you are a keen gardener, projects like building build raised beds or establishing pollinator gardens will also require you to think about watering your plants. Manual watering with a regular garden hose can be quite a hassle – so think about a retractable garden hose reel.
This will allow you to reach various points of your garden without dealing with kinks and knots. Once you are done, it retracts itself back into the casing and so that the aesthetics of your outdoor area can remain focused on the landscaping instead of a messy hose left laying out.

Tape Measure

Tape measures are essential in every project, be it outdoor or indoor. Whenever you are creating something, chances are that you need to allow a certain distance or cut something at a particular length. You cannot underestimate the usefulness of a tape measure, an absolute must-have in your tool kit.

Hammer and Nails

Whether you are making a flower bed, a deck, or a resting garden bench, many exterior projects will need a hammer and a set of nails. Make sure that the hammer is long and lightweight and that the nails are sturdy. You don’t want the nails to be bending in any awkward dents when you are driving them into the wood.

Power Saw

During exterior projects, you may be cutting timber to use as your primary building material. A regular saw is not just time-consuming but can result in rough edges and imperfect cuts. A power saw will speed up the cutting process and give a cleaner, more professional finish. If you have a project that requires a lot of timber, such as a backyard playset, then a power saw will help you get the job done in a timely manner.

The Bottom Line

Every DIY project will need a specific toolset to achieve the desired final result. Consider the types of projects that you want to do in the future and assemble your tool collection accordingly.
If you are into gardening projects like the ones we mentioned or maybe even something more complex – like the creation of a bonsai area in your garden, a set of hand pruners is a must-have.
If you are more interested in home decor and home improvement DIY projects you’ll want a utility knife, a contractor’s pencil, and perhaps a picture hanging kit.
Simply take a look at your ideas, decide what you need to make them real, and then the fun part begins!
Annie Morton is an avid nature lover from rural Australia. After some international adventures, she has settled in New York City. If you have some questions about Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel she is the person to talk to.