You may be updated on the most popular interior design trends for this year, but do you know what’s currently out? There could be some outdated decor hanging around your house right now. Here’s some of them that you might be missing.

1. Cool colors

When minimalism was just starting to get popular, homeowners embraced cool neutral colors like white and grey. However, they are on their way out this 2020 as people are embracing more warm tones that give the space a more personal feel. Ditch the boring greys and try going for richer colors like terracotta or spring blue.

2. One accent color

Interior designers will advise you to add an accent color to add visual interest to your space. However, this 2020, it’s important that you don’t just focus on one color otherwise your place will look too matchy. Instead, combine several shades that go well together so the room has a more homogenous look.

3. All industrial style

The industrial style of home decor is great but it’s on its way out this decade as we embrace a more vintage, retro style. It’s not so trendy anymore to make your home look like an old factory. Yes, it had its charm but an excessively industrial style is not the look to go for. You can still incorporate in your home but you want to do it subtly like using matte black finishes or a brick accent wall.

4. Synthetic materials

Furniture made of synthetic materials might be cheaper but they definitely should not be your first option. This 2020, living a more sustainable life is encouraged so try to opt for furniture made of natural organic materials. The natural materials can be good for your home because they’re less toxic and they’re more durable, which means they last in your home longer.

5. Fake plants

Similar to synthetic furniture, fake plants are no longer in this 2020. It’s easier to maintain a real life plant now that we have all the resources online so there’s no excuse to not keep a real one in your home. Look up for indoor plant species that are easy to maintain. You’ll be surprised to find there’s quite a lot that require little maintenance, some that even need to be watered only once a month!

6. Open shelving

Open shelves in the kitchen were once embraced because they did a great job of letting you see everything that you had in your kitchen. The problem is that they’re quite impractical especially if you do a lot of cooking. We’re not going to see as much of this trend this 2020, however, you can still have it in your home. Just don’t place it near the area where you cook to prevent splatters and stains. You can still have shelving but just enough to display your favorite china.

7. Traditional dining table

A traditional dining table is always a necessity in every home but according to interior design experts, this trend is going out this 2020. Instead, the dining area will consist of lower tables and upholstered chairs that’ll make the dining experience a more cozy one. Kind of like hanging out with your friends.

8. Granite countertops

Granite in the kitchen will soon see its way out this decade as it’s becoming quite a predictable choice. It’s also not as durable. You don’t want that in a room where there’s a lot of foot traffic. This year, granite will be replaced by more durable and easy to maintain materials like quartz or marble. The best part? You can get a faux version of these materials. This means less upfront investment on your part should you decide to replace your granite countertops.

Which of these interior design trends are you guilty of still having in your home? Share your thoughts in the comments below.