We all know that 3D interior rendering helps to speed up the design process. It makes changes easier to execute and it allows for quicker designs and significantly more efficiency. This applies to almost all facets of the process, from the initial designs to selling the idea to clients and investors. Here are just a few reasons why 3D interior rendering is important for architecture companies.

The Problem With… “It Looks Too Cluttered”

As an interior designer or an architect, every now and again, you are going to come across the words, “It looks too cluttered.” It is a phrase uttered by clients when they see drawings of a design and several of the interior items appear too imposing.

Thanks to the use of 3D rendering, it is possible to see the interior from several different angles. Being able to see the room layout and design from more of a first-person perceptive, like a computer game, the client is better able to judge how much space will be taken and how much will be free.

The downside of this is that the 3D render may still make the room seem too cluttered and so the client will not be happy. This may happen because the room is too cluttered, because the measurements are not accurate, or even because the lighting makes the room seem smaller than it is. Though, in some cases, a clever designer may place an image of a human into the design, to scale, to show how much free space is available in the room.

A Very Good Selling Tool

Above you read an example of how some designers work around clients who feel a design is too cluttered. As you may have deciphered, the underlying theme is that 3D interior rendering is a good selling tool. This is true for 3D rendering across the entire sales funnel, from those sexy pictures you put on your adverts, to overcoming objections about the size of rooms.

Selling an idea to a client is made far easier if you have more to show them. Only the very best sellers are able to rely on the client’s imagination. It is far better if you can show people what you are going to create, and thanks to modern 3D rendering, you can do this with absolute photo realism.

It is Cheaper and Quicker

We use email and online messages because they are quicker and cheaper than sending things by post. If sending things by mail was quicker, cheaper, or both, then we would go back to sending things via postal mail. Thanks to cloud companies and data center companies like RebusFarm, it is possible to create a design and have it rendered and animated in a fraction of the time and work it used to take. It means that simple prototypes and designs can be quickly run off by the rendering company, and the design team is able to keep working because none of the computers or servers are tied up with rendering work.

Teaching is Easier

Since the design process is now far quicker and easier, it has become easier to teach people how to become architects and interior designers. The execution, testing and planning phase has become far faster. Plus, students don’t need their own office in order to do their homework. There are even students who can work on their projects in their dorm room on their computers, they send the rendering off to be completed by a third-party rendering company, and they can even send their designs to the 3D printing room to be printed overnight. Teaching is easier and learning is easier, which means the architecture industry will hopefully maintain a healthy supply of workers for years to come.