You may have set up your dream garage with everything you hold dear. Yet, over time it’s gotten messy and disorganized. Unfortunately, the garage is usually the place in the home where everything accumulates.

Then, you can’t fully get the most out of that space and it becomes an eyesore. It will need to be cleaned and organized well so that it is less likely to get cluttered and messy again later on.

In this article, we will go over several ways that you can clean up your garage and keep it that way.


1 – Get rid of pests

Pests can get in a garage just as easily as they can in the house. And they can cause just as many problems. For instance, if you have roaches then they can get into your car and it is not easy to get rid of roach in car once it gets in.

When you get the place sorted out, you have to put something down to keep the pest in question away. Ants are a particular problem too so make sure to put some ant killer powder around the perimeter of the garage to keep them from entering.

Once everything is cleaned up you’ll need to make sure that there is not any food being stored in the garage that will attract other pests like mice. Always keep food away and keep the floor clear of any crumbs or even water. Pests love having a source of water inside so any leaks need to be fixed.

2 – Empty it out and start over

It’s much easier to organize and clean a space that is a blank slate. Take the better part of the day by starting out clearing the space. Take everything out and place it in an organized way with other similar items.

Then, when you have everything out you can do a proper clean up. Start with the floor if there are oil spills there. A power washer will get rid of just about everything in there except for the oil stains. For these you can buy some cleaning solutions especially for the purpose to get it looking brand new.

Then you should try to set up areas in the garage for certain types of items. This will give you a blueprint for how to store things so it stays organized.

3 – Use the height

The footprint of a garage is usually not very big and is the primary reason it gets disorganized. You can solve this problem by going up when it comes to storage. Shelving in the garage is essential to get things off of the ground.

You can even use the ceiling if you don’t have a garage door that takes up the entire space of it. There are storage containers that work with tracks that allows you to slide the containers onto the ceiling giving you almost double the storage space you previously had.