Natural light is pure blessing in our comfy cribs. Do you feel your home lacks this luxury a little bit? Then explore the collection we spotted on to discover 10 amazing sunny rooms that will completely change the perspective. As you know, luminosity impacts our mood and spirit every day. Thus, you should not ignore its benefits, sometimes even its healing powers. To put it shortly, designers recommend the use of natural light as much as possible. Relaxation and happiness will come along. Just imagine a living room flooded by natural light every morning! Or a reading corner in the light of the sun that becomes a perfect spot for refreshment! Explore our ideas and pick the must-dos for airy, bright spaces!

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Natural light at its best in the children’s room

When a room feels small and crowded, explore natural lighting as much as possible. For example, the wagon-like spaces we usually arrange for kids or teens. Although the space does not seem generous from the very beginning, you will immediately notice the changes when the natural light comes in. Featuring a welcoming terrace, the one above enjoys a wide view towards the garden. The space is functional and airy, while also featuring inspiring personal touches. For example, the white light shelves above the sofa that depict the identity of the owners. Books, toys, souvenirs, funny garlands or decorative objects beautify the space. As for the colours, the palette of soft hues calms the field. Additionally, the dominant of wood – both in colours and materials – infuses the room with a natural vibe. Count on it for tiny spaces that need visual enlargement, comfort and a subtle connection with the natural environment.

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Sunny Bedroom and Bits of Romanticism

Do you remember the sunny mornings by the sea during the holidays? When you get up touched by mild rays of light and enjoy the benefits of the nature? This is exactly the case with the atmosphere in the airy, comfortable sleeping room above. The room features a king size bed – as if this were the only thing that matters – where soft sheets and a pile of colourful pillows piled up. I love the tiny, fluffy cushions that rest in bed all day long waiting for us … ! They are a boost of good feeling and satisfaction. Who would not enjoy a time spent in bed after a hard-working day? Secondly, opt for personal touches that offer you intimacy and relaxation. For example, flowered textiles, greenery, photos, paintings, sculptures or lamp shades with exciting prints. They are all part of our private collection of objects and function as activators for the daily self-exploration sessions.

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Greenery, Sunlight and Joie de Vivre!

What about living rooms that have a clue about mindfulness and the quality of life? I know, we are all longing for their benefits. In my opinion, nature has healing powers for our souls. This said, explore its advantages as much as possible. Does your house open towards a lovely garden? Introduce generous views inside through floor-to-ceiling transparent glass doors, large windows and terraces that surround it. If the climate permits, lemon, mandarine and orange trees nearby will create the feeling of a permanent vacation. If this is not possible, opt for timeless plants that stay green over the winter and you will enjoy their freshness permanently.

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