A new Chinese modernist luxury concept, for both interior design and architecture, has been created by BLVD International  by manipulating and molding the architectural language with a deep understanding and respect of Hangzhou culture. When the guests enter the gallery they do not simply see Hangzhou, but they feel Hangzhou.

The space planning has been conceived as an uninterrupted flowing journey, light and crystal clear as water, imbuing a sense of weightlessness and freedom, all contributing towards an interesting user experience. The traditional definition of space with the use of floor, wall and door have been eliminated by creating a three dimensional collage of surfaces and planes all seamlessly inter-connecting with each other. The boundaries have been blurred and one’s senses united to create a singular all encompassing space that does not depend on the traditional, constrained yet comfortable language of spatial narrative. This Sales Gallery has a primary sales area, discussion space, display zones, meeting rooms, VIP rooms, lounge spaces and general staff areas such as workspaces and meeting areas are provided.

Hangzhou-designrulz-003 Hangzhou-designrulz-004 Hangzhou-designrulz-005 Hangzhou-designrulz-006 Hangzhou-designrulz-007 Hangzhou-designrulz-008 Hangzhou-designrulz-009 Hangzhou-designrulz-010 Hangzhou-designrulz-011Hangzhou-designrulz-002Hangzhou-designrulz-001