This modern Chinese restaurant, Beijing Noodle No. 9, is located within the huge casino hotel holding more than 3,300 rooms in Las Vegas, United States. The restaurant is adjacent to the casino; consequently, the excitement, gaming machine sounds, and neon lights are naturally overflowed into the space. At the entrance to the modern Chinese restaurant Beijing Noodle No. 9 located in a huge hotel in Las Vegas, you will be met by a huge aquariums with fishes. Further you’ll see an unusually delicate and lacy interior created by Japanese design studio Design Spirits Company, Ltd. The space is gently covered by light through a silk-like skin. The challenge is to break preconceived ideas that make up the elements of an interior by governing the Space into one coordinated element through creation of a seamless border. In this project the number of elements of decor is minimal: was used only one background – floral patterns made of steel and painted with white.
BeijingNoodleNo9_1 BeijingNoodleNo9_2 BeijingNoodleNo9_3 BeijingNoodleNo9_4 BeijingNoodleNo9_5 BeijingNoodleNo9_6 BeijingNoodleNo9_7