Realized by Productora studio, Celeste is a champagne bar&tea salon located in an old, restored house in the Anzures neighborhood, Mexico City. As you can easily notice from the pictures below, the interior designer played with various types of mosaic that provide spectacular patterns,  effects of depth and interrelationships. The floor draws your attention with its black and white combination of stripes, while the ceiling complements the effect with various spots of light. The lattice structure of ceiling follows the black-white pattern concept, and its gaps provide intervals of natural and artificial lights. The house restored for this bar was built in 1940, and a large light-filled open area was added to the terrace. All the elements lead to one single concept: a visually striking white and black base combined with generous blazes of natural light. The result? A bar anyone would love to linger about after work or to have his 5 o’clock tea surrounded by elegance. 

The restaurant itself is a transformation of a 1940s-era house, and divide into bar space and tea room, called as Celeste in Colonia Anzures, Mexico City.
The rest of walls have a gray minimalist theme.
For the roof, a grid structure was chosen that allows natural light to filter through, maintaining the sensation of being on an open terrace.
The design focused on the creation of a single pigmented cement mosaic that would generate a variety of patterns and directional changes throughout the upper level.

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