INNOCAD Architektur has designed Microsoft’s new headquarters in Vienna, Austria. The final project has come to life in the form of a colorful, up beat workspace that “intertwines and harmonizes physical, virtual and social working environments,” the architects noted. The headquarters, which has all the basic needs such as conference rooms, offices, lounges, lobby, and cafeteria, also has some additional perks to it, like a super cool slide, a fortress of living walls, small desk pods to work private, and custom made high-top tables to promote socialization. Our favorite space has to be 10 person conference room that has a warm cave-like effect to it, where stylish light fixtures hang over a large wood table with a vintage leather sofa and classic bear run adjacent. The Austria based architecture team lives by the philosophy that they “work with their brain, and act with their heart,” This project is a fantastic example of that mantra.

Photographs by Paul Ott

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