Are you a friend of the environment? Then, you should tell your colleagues to change the furniture from the office with Cellulose, a set of honeycomb cardboard offices that are cheap, flexible and very functional. French studio Coudamy Design came with the idea of recycling cardboard after use and a playful, dynamic environment resulted in the offices. The task was to convert the 160m² empty industrial space in an operational working space for the 20 employees with an original design. The budget was restricted to the minimum and timing was only 5 weeks from conception to realization. The whole design was completed with 4cm thick water resistant honeycomb cardboard. Even if it is a packaging product,  it is a cheap, green and technical material offering many advantages on traditional building materials. Everything was mounted with a system of folding combined with glue and tape, no additional structures were added. Lightness, compression resistance, easy cutting made the cardboard a solution to build everything in seven days.

It can be easily implanted on a space or on an exhibition stand for its minimum size and the possibility of plugging it on wheels. It is sold in an unfolded kit saving up volume and it only necessitates a few minutes of assembling without tools to be quickly operational.

The open space is an inevitable solution for businesses looking for a better economy.

 The cardboard represents an incredible economy of material since it is composed of 90% air because of the honeycombs.

 Cellulose locates itself between furniture and room, it is designed for individual or small group (up to 4 people) work.

 Chatting in the box!



 The honeycomb fireproof cardboard offers a great mechanical resistance (300 kg per m2) which lasts many years. The material actually used is 30% recycled and can be entirely recycled once passed its age limit.