Have more fun at work! It’s essential! Real people have pushed through “the conventional way” to create a better day at work! We are sure you’d like to be part of them and that’s why we’ve decided to write an article about ingenuity in creating and documenting your work space. The photos were taken from myturnstone.com, a network of specialists that can provide solutions for the best use of space imaginable. If you work 9-5, you understand the struggles with staying healthy. Believe it or not, sitting all day actually drains your energy, and means you are less productive. If you take a few minutes each day to think about your health, you will feel better and perform better. Go ahead and take a run through some of the coworking spaces they have created.

 Cool spaces, great thinking, ambitious dreams…at your office!

 A meeting room at your office.


 A non conventional space to discuss our new ideas for the projects in a coffee break. 

 Comfortable chairs

 Does your office have a ‘no messy desk’ policy?


 Bring energy inside with bicycles hanged on the wall.

 Don’t forget about flowers…they are reliable friends when relaxing the atmosphere. 

 Functional design


 Fresh tips: green grass near on a yellow sofa.

 Skateboards are perfect for storing objects! 




 When it comes to bringing energy inside, the colors are the most frequently used tools: try to mix soft, light tones with hot ones. And if you choose young, functional pieces of furniture, the task is already done!

 The floor has an industrial look.

 Strong communication with the exterior through glass walls.

 Some designers like to leave the walls uncovered…it’s a statement of transparency and credibility. 

 Clean and inspiring

 Try to warm the atmosphere with electric colors.

 “Idea Room” is a room where the magic happens. Not a traditional conference room or plain office, but a space within your office that helps create, move and grow creativity.