Since we recently had a post on DesignRulz about Best offices to work in, we decided to present you another modern office interiors.

For today we thought about gathering a collection of fabulous offices ideas that would serve as a good source of inspiration for anyone thinking about redecorating.

Most of us tend to bring work home and, given the circumstances, we thought it would be a good piece of advice if we show you some modern and catchy office design suggestions we found on The ones I chose are extremely large areas, generously lighted and clean spaces – characteristics that stimulate creativity and give us power to keep working with satisfaction. As you can see, some of them included a lounge “recovering” area, meaning big sofas and comfortable armchairs where you can relax or take a nap for a half an hour. You can paint your office in black and white – these are colors that reflect elegance and integrity or you can create a playful area picking some vibrant colors like red and green to bring some vitality inside! Enjoy the pictures below and be sure to give us your feedback.