Yellow is sunny and friendly, making every space a crib to dream in all day long. That’s what designers say most of the time. Although I am not a big fan of it, yellow is a color that can’t be left unnoticed. It changes the atmosphere immediately, be it for its airy, bright look or for its dramatic touch. Russian designer  Mihail Bendus combined yellow with grey and black in a contemporary, industrial loft and the results were amazing: vivid accents were created inside an austere display of elements, letting the spots of color function as focal points for different areas. The bedroom, for example, seems saved from an old factory with uncovered bricks and pipes that climb the walls. Meanwhile, two yellow armchairs add a bit of sensibility and luminosity. Quiet sober and severe feels the living room with its Chesterfield-like sofa, black carpet and steel furnishings. But, irregular straps of yellow tiles that continue upstairs bring cheer to an almost uninviting place. So, befriend with yellow during your cloudy days!

loft-designrulz-001 loft-designrulz-002 loft-designrulz-003 loft-designrulz-004 loft-designrulz-005