A large proportion of the population is now working from home. Modern, eco-friendly and bespoke, this selection of Garden Studios are simply an additional room for your home. Primary foam insulation boards and secondary thermoreflective foil membranes ensure the Garden Studios are fully insulated. Heating and Double Glazed windows make for a comfortable and enjoyable temperature all year round and with the option for WC’s, Kitchens or whatever your requirement may be – the Garden Rooms offer a high end contemporary garden space, utilizable for any purpose. This Garden Office provides an ideal solution to working from home. The money and time saved on motoring and rental costs make the Garden Rooms a proven and worthy investment whilst being a great addition to any garden.

If you are looking for a contemporary high-end home, which is delivered on time, to budget and with sustainable credentials, then our bespoke prefabricated homes are the answer for you.  Our expertise and excellent customer service enables us to offer a stress free approach whilst building your dream home.These modern and customizable prefabricated homes are modular and provide a ‘turnkey’ solution to bespoke house building.  No project is too big for in.it.studios; whether it is a cosy two bedroom home or a spacious ten bedroom dual-storey project, the unique approach to design and construction gives us unrivalled flexibility.

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