Classic or contemporary? A fresh atmosphere or a reminiscent of chesterfields from gentlemen’s clubs? If you’re looking for the perfect match in your living room, then you’ve come to the right place. Spotted on, the images below offer a bunch of ideas for those who want to create a stylish living space, be it modern or old school. The suggestions are in vogue, blending high tech accessories, wide sofas, colorful corners and spectacular lighting objects in a fabulous gallery. One tip you should pay attention at is the difference a lamp can make. But with the right living room lighting, you can have a space that’s perfect for doing everything – from reading a book to hosting game night. And that means you can create a new room every night – just with the flip of a switch.

An artful combination of track lighting and accent lighting puts the spotlight on this living room’s artwork and modern furnishings.
Relax on the sofa and admire the nature outside!
The transparent stairs reflect the light making the living room brighter.
Globe-shaped paper lanterns are inexpensive and unobtrusive, and they cast a soft, even, omni-directional light that’s both pleasing and effective.

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