Designed by Stoica Mario from Ezzo Design Studio an interior design studio based in Timisoara City, Romania, this house was designed for a young family from Ploiesti City. The main idea of the interior design concept came from a mix of vintage and contemporary art. According with the designer: “This property is a two level home that includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms,living/ dining room and a kitchen. From a mix of vintage and contemporary, it is created not only an interior that reflects the personalities of the owners, but a series of furniture and lamps which get along great, in a airy scenario. The basic ingredient is wood with raw textures.The shapes and surprising lights work together to generate a unique space with elements that take on a new feature (in this case copper pipes that by joining, are building a book shelf and the handrail staircase that leads upstairs).”  I really love all of these vintage accents and wood elements! How do you guys find it?