Is it possible to obtain a luxurious look in a chalet at the mountain? Bo Design studio succeeded to realize this for the interiors of the Chalet Cyanella located in Megève, French Alps. The house enjoys sweeping views of the landscape and is bathed in natural light thanks to the large, well-placed windows and the open floor plan. Embracing elements of the natural surroundings, wood dominates the structure, which sprawls across mountainous terrain. Entwined in the landscape, this luxurious home boasts a large central living space in combination with a sleek and tonal color palette within. Glowing with natural light, the chalet in Megève includes a fireplace, large inviting sofa, and even the amenity of a swimming pool with disco lighting. Additionally, a large terrace wraps around the home for residents to take full advantage of the view.

An open plan living and dining area sets the tone for a relaxed ambiance, complete with plenty of natural light and good airflow.

With an exterior defined by wood and plenty of terraces, the project manages to take in the surrounding landscape and deliver it to its guests.

The interior of the chalet is totally different from the exterior: modern and stylish. However, the use of wood brings the ‘old and retro’ feeling into the chalet.

The fireplace and chandelier add elegance, as well as aesthetic value.

The view is wonderful during the winter.

The floor plan is indeed wide open, but subtle design and architectural choices provide a cozy feel to the bedroom, and windows on every side contribute to the sense of a much larger house.

Clean, simple furnishings define the main living space.

A larger window floods the space with light.