Purple interior design can hardly be taken too seriously, but if you’ve decided to give purple hue in the house, it is best to decorate the bedroom or living room. If you love bright, loud colors then electric violet is the ideal shade of purple for you to use! This bold color certainly isn’t for everyone – you have to have an out-going personality to feel comfortable living with electric purple!

Purple interior specific color is a very peculiar character. Combination with other colors must be well considered, and perhaps it is best to consult a designer. In any case, purple blends well with white and possibly black. Blue and pink make for great accent colors in purple and green color scheme as well as some neutrals can add depth and diversity to the decor. Use purple and green in wall paint or coverings, furniture items, or accents.Walls painted in deep purple teamed with a painted floor create a soft mood, while lime and grey brighten the look.

Fun and funky eclectic mixtures of furniture and furnishings will look right at home and you can include various textures to make the room look even more exciting and inviting.  Super love this electric, bold and bright living room space! How about that purple chandelier and that magnificent yellow couch…Wow!