The most popular place in a house, the living room is the place used for the entertainment of guests, and where families come together to end their day, enjoying a television program together. In most cases this room is on the main level of a home and sees a lot of activity. We present you today a gallery of 15 beautiful living rooms, a selection of what we have considered to be creative, original and cozy. From modern pieces of furniture, glass and steel accessories to more sophisticated styles that use Victorian armchairs, floral wall papers and golden picture frames, the living rooms below contain useful suggestions if you’re planning to redesign your home. If you want to create a focus area in your living room, you can explore more and choose an original armchair, a sophisticated chandelier, or a precious decorative object to give your interior a spot of elegance and personality. Enjoy!

 Leather sofas and pop art prints make the interior modern and interesting.

 Diaphanous curtains add a plus of romanticism. 

 Modern interior

 The wooden floor kept its natural look. 

 Luxurious living room with ancient pieces of furniture, precious tapestries and mosaic floor tiles.

 Wood is the perfect if you want a relaxing living room.

 Modern geometries

 A wall full of storing items and one made of transparent glass

 Precious tapestry and expensive pictures for a classic interior decor. 

 Choose natural materials and colors if you want a warm, cozy atmosphere.

 White and red combine artistically in a very modern dining room.

 Focus on a very comfortable chair. 

 Wide windows let the natural light come inside all day long. 

 Try to create some intimate corners with simple benches and lots of pillows!

 Modern simplicity at its best!

 A floor lamp is perfect when you want to replace a sophisticated chandelier. 

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