There’s no doubt about it—yellow is a color that lifts our spirits! But, when painting your walls, yellow is often a hard color to get right. It often goes too green or is too pale and washed out. I like yellows that have a strong depth and make you fresh again. It’s no secret that yellow has long been a classic color choice for interiors. And why not? Sunny, warm, and uplifting, this color is difficult not to like, plus it works well in a wide variety of settings. For example, in decor, vertical stripes have an elongating effect that gives the appearance of added height. If you choose yellow for a wallpaper with stripes you’ll obtain a wide and sunny interior. Another suggestion…top t bottom yellow! When painting  kitchen don’t stop at the walls! A lighter shade of yellow can be applied to the ceiling for added visual presence as a sunny cap on a already cheery kitchen. Yellow can be repeated in the tone of a light oak flooring, creating a cohesive look from floor to ceiling.

Enjoy our gallery of modern yellow interiors, some of them here.

The bricks are softened…

Young mix

Yellow pieces of furniture for your living room

A yellow spot on the wall.

Yellow is the color of flowers, lemons, and sunshine, offering fresh appeal in each of its many variations, and can be used in any room for an infusion of sunny decor.

A sofa that brings all the family together!

Just a simple yellow line in the kitchen.


Fantastic decor



Separate rooms with colors!

A playful living room

Robots on yellow walls



Find the right directions!






Lemon like interior


Great combination with grey and black






Lemons, flowers and…what else would you prefer?


Fresh atmosphere in the kitchen with yellow and green pieces of furniture!


I would rest here for a while…