The loft we present today is a 300 square meters apartment with a 75 square meters terrace. An old factory functioned here long time ago, but now it represents the home of a journalist who wanted 3 key elements: a dominant color (white), several unique pieces of furniture and wide windows that flood the interior with natural light. To set up the loft of 300 square meters the architect gave it the dual personality of the client: a baroque side, introverted and dark, almost ancient, in which space is filled and loaded with color, objects , decorations, and another one, clear and minimalist, in which white, clear lines and simplicity reign supreme.  To reconcile these two souls, under the high span of the large window in the loft overlooking the terrace, he prepared in the living area a space where, like islands in an archipelago, he arranged the dining table, sofas with the TV, the desk and the kitchen block.