We live in a world that dramatically changes day by day and evolves in every single corner and every domain and it is only natural that original solutions in design and architecture will be required to bend to our needs in order to be taken into consideration. For today we want to present you a new kitchen concept which speaks the language of comfort, warmth and airiness.

Designed by  Snaidero ,an Italian kitchen manufacturer in collaboration with architect Piertro Arosio, the project started by reconsidering the kitchen’s operating area, so as to fully enhance its functionality and comfort, while creating a lighter aesthetic and structural impact through a sober yet dynamic design blending into the surrounding environment. This translated into the design of an entirely suspended operating unit, thanks to a self-supporting structure allowing it to unfold from the storage area, so that the user can enjoy complete freedom of movement when preparing and cooking dishes while using two operating zones capable of working in parallel.

The operating unit – available in two different sizes, 90 cm and 120 cm – is fully equipped for food preparation, cooking and washing activities. The operating block is an ideal solution for studio flats or bachelor apartments: it combines the cooking and washing zones with a wooden food preparation/snack counter that can be used for preparing small snacks or eating breakfast.