Who wouldn’t like a piece of furniture that folds, unfolds and changes its functionality immediately? The lack of space we are confronting with nowadays made designers rethink all the possibilities an object can offer and realized items that are really surprising with their functionality. The piece of folding furniture we present you today was spotted on kaustralia.com and it was designed by Japanese company Atelier OPA. The series of mobile furniture named  Kenchikukagu were designed for work, sleep and eating. With highly effective designs like a mobile work station, a mobile bed and a mobile kitchen thrown in, the series allows apartment dwellers to cramp in all the essential furniture necessary for urban living, without compromising on form or functionality. Finally for those of you who are impressed by this piece of folding furniture here are some good news, these pieces are not only the concept designs, they are also available on Amazon Japan for 800,000 yen, about $7436 depending on the rate exchange. I’m sure this amazing folding furniture can solve your space woes.

 The skeleton of the house is preserved while the insides change.

 Modern day apartments are quite small in size and we find it hard to accommodate even the most basic furniture pieces. However, that is when folding furniture can come to the rescue and help us in managing limited spaces.

 The kitchen is already settled!

 It’s so small you can storage it in a limbo. 

 And now, it’s time to work…hide the kitchen and unfold the desk!

 Folding furniture pieces are practical solutions as they can be collapsed when not in use and can also be used while traveling. Their lightweight quality and two-fold functionality come very handy in small homes, besides, they are easy to transport when relocating and children can also open up the furniture pieces independently, too.