Even better then the smell of coffee in the morning is the smell of coffee served on a green porch. But here is the alternative if your green porch is still just a future plan. We present you a collection of vegetable furniture : the Bean Screen, a room divider that grows beans, the Vege Table – a coffee table that grows lettuce and the Cocoon – a fruit basket on which you can also grow plants.

The Bean Screen by designer Judy Hoysak

You can use this piece of furniture to separate with style two spaces in your home with a wall of green beans. The wood frame is ready made and self-watering, complete with florescent plant grow lights so all you need to do is just to plant the magic beans. You’ll get a full grown green wall in a few weeks.

The Vege Table by designer Judy Hoysak

Also self-watering and complete with florescent plant-grow light, the Vege Table is a perfect addition to an ecologic home.

The Cocoon by designer Måns Solomonsen

Itself looking just like a hanging fruit, the Cocoon, designed by Måns Solomonsen, is actually a fruit storage space and flowerpot at the same time. What better combination? The green, fresh veggies grow above and the tasty fruits are stored just below, making a great addition for any kitchen. The white ceramic material is also suited for the living room or porch, not just for the kitchen.