Glass-bottled drink is a thing that you can never get rid of out of your life. It’s everywhere, so you need a glass-bottle opener for sure. But even the simplest things we use need to have a great design, so here are some of the best designed bottle-openers from around the world.

The Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener ($40.78)

The easiest way to pop open a cold one straight out of the fridge. This stainless steel bottle opener instantly opens your bottles with a flick of the wrist and is ultra stylish too, right where you need it most.

Stainless steel fork

This stainless steel fork contraption is the perfect tool for your summer cookouts! Available at $7.99 price!

Ring bottle opener

A ring that’s a bottle-opener. How brilliantly simple is that? Yep, made from stainless steel, the Ring Thing is a bottle opener hidden in the palm of your hand for both guys and gals. It’s comfortable very to wear.


Bottle opener by vitamin

This little vinyl creature opens bottles with it’s strong steel teeth. Coming in 4 designs standing 14.5cm tall.

Funky foot shaped lighter and bottle opener

For $3.88, it isn’t very expensive, given the respect that you are bound to gain from more than half the crowd. Go ahead, make a style statement every time you open a bottle or light a cigar.via

Elephant Bottle Opener by Jergen Moller

Created with precision and quality craftsmanship by Jergen Moller for luxury design company, Georg Jensen.

Available for the first time this spring, the MONEYPHANT is a wonderful gift and a great way to teach a young person about saving money. The design bears the hallmarks of classic Scandinavian technique–it is strong, elegant and functional.  It cost 85 euros.  via

Bottle Opener Designer by Brendan Ravenhill

Wicked back to basics bottle opener, feels big in the hand great for popping caps off, also has 2 magnets embedded in the wood one to catch the bottle tops and one to pop if on the fridge door. via


The brilliant minds of industrial design firm Sonic Design came up with this design for an iPod-inspired bottle opener called the iDrink. via

Stelton Bottle Opener

The Stelton Design Denmark classic stainless steel bottle opener with its simplistic design makes opening your bottles a hands on design experience.