Do you like to mix vintage pieces of furniture with objects that are new entries on the market? I love designers that know how to combine different elements and I think this is the most difficult mission if you want to obtain something catchy  extravagant, yet modern and functional. Elina Vilá and Agnès Blanc, interior designers at MINIM are our teachers today! They had a small exhibition at Antiquaris Hall that presented a table of the 19th century and eight contemporary chairs of hot colors and various materials. The result? A multicolored  space full of contrasts where every piece, regardless of age, has value in itself. Visiting the Antiquaris Hall of Barcelona is like running through the whole Art History. It is an unavoidable meeting point for all experts, collectors and art lovers. To put it simply, vintage modern mixes old and new. But the devil is in the details. As for old, patina plays a big role.

MINIM is an interior design studio created by Elina Vila and Agnès Blanch in 1999. MINIM develops interior design projects for commercial spaces, homes and offices. MINIM interior design studio is located in a typical modernist house on Avenida Diagonal, Barcelona.

An Italian Bank of the 18th with two armchairs which are a reference in the world of design.



Delicate tears lamps and a kitchen with an island, all in stainless steel.


Freshening up old furniture makes it modern. New fabric and a new coat of paint, combined with gray walls and a groovy ceramic lamp result in the look.




Many pieces can be vintage and modern at once. These pieces are icons from the eras of International Style and Mid-Century Modern.


Repurposing industrial pieces is another way to mix elements. These pendant lights combined with a wood farm table and modern chairs in this contemporary space achieve the balance.