Teenagers tend to conquer their space…so don’t be so upset if they tell you they want guitars hanging on the wall, denim curtains, posters all over the bathroom or a tent instead of a bed. Maybe, you can change some of their radical decisions if you show them our collection of interiors spotted on tokstok.com.br. They have it all! From romantic bedrooms, baroque   elements inserted to colorful rooms and modern accessories. The color palette includes mostly black, blue and brown, but we found some pretty fresh teenagers’ interiors that have more vivid colors as well. Most of the rooms have a distinctive “teenage” element such as a punching bag, a miniature or a plane, a gaming device and so on. Another element that drew my attention was designers’ preference for white pieces of furniture. It’s because the create a background that let other elements to be exhibited…such as posters, bags, clothes, shoes, books, games and so on. To make your choices easier, IKEA has come up with it’s new collection of unique dorm rooms. These rooms have everything a college student needs. They have an exhaustive collection of desk lamps, computer tables, study tables, bed sheets, foldable drawers, beds, pillows and the like. You can pick from various colors and sizes to get what suits your budget and taste.

Also visit, play rooms for children and cool drawing tables.

 A black and white background where you can let a palette of colors revitalize the atmosphere.  

Symmetries… two identical white cupboards between three black drawers.   

 Perfect for a lady who loves romantic stories.

 White pieces of furniture are the best solution when you want to create the illusion of large spaces. 

 A modern orange sofa

 A desk that provides enough storing items for a teenager.

 Explosion of colors

 Focus on a reading corner

 Modern drawers perfect for a teenager’s room

 Dots on sheets…they bring energy and make the room cheerful.