Relaxation can be achieved in a variety of forms. They say good things come in small packages. If you have ever sulked that the tiny proportions of your bathroom are just too restrictive in which to create a vision of beauty, and an air of stylish triumph, then think again and read on…For today we put together a collection of 7 modern bathroom designed by  Rusu Ruslan, that are meant to release pressure. Whether it is the shape of the bathtub that makes a difference, the inspiring decorative objects or the view that can be admired, these bathrooms all have something in common with relaxation. Some interiors are rich in green arrangements, which add freshness and invigorate the place. Introducing a splash of nature into a tiny washroom is a superb way to encourage a feeling of open and airy space. A zing of bright green against a clean white and earthy slate gray backdrop works wonders, with just a splash of wood tone thrown in for warmth and texture. All  bathroom designs have a special color theme. We noticed that wood has a great effect in modern decors- take the first picture for example- as it adds authenticity and personality. Take a look and enjoy!