A bunch of abstract lines create different drawings and transform the interior into something original and shocking: colorful interiors!  It took me some time to decide whether this is an example “we should follow”… it is, at least, something that can provide inspiration.  The bedroom and the bathroom are separated from each other with a fireplace and a glass wall. The main objective of the spaces is to provide a complete relaxation of the senses – in the bedroom the color of the imagination and spirituality – the purple. Yellow is used for the bathroom – an oasis in the desert.

The bath is located next to the window with a nice view to the sea. The bathroom favours quiet conversations. While one is taking a bath, another one is having a cup of wine on the sofa enjoying the fireplace.

Desislava Ivanova and Branimira Ivanova are responsible for the design. They were born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1979. They received their Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Kingston University, London, and their Master’s degree in Interior Design from Florence Design Academy in Florence, Italy.