If you looking for kids bathroom design featuring Florakids from LAUFEN. Designed especially for children where the period of childhood is one of the most formative periods in the life of a child. Florakids from LAUFEN is imaginative, colourful and playful – a bathroom that children are sure to enjoy. The centrepiece of florakids is a washstand with a basin in the shape of a flower blossom, available in white, red or green.

The florakids WCs, designed especially for children, have no sharp edges or corners. WC seats, designed perfectly for children, are available in white, red or green. All seats have a mini back support and are small in diameter, so children are not afraid of falling in. The ergonomic seat also lets kids who are potty training grasp onto the ears on the left and right of the seat. By adding color and unique shape children’s will be glad. Enjoying this pictures bellow.