Turn your bathroom into your personal oasis with Bathtub Laguna! Fine hardwoods are perfect material for building bathtubs along with matching backsplashes, wall panels, shower surrounds and bathroom sinks. Hardwoods are naturally warm, silky smooth, deeply satisfying and endlessly varied. No oils, no special care, just normal non-abrasive cleaning, even in the challenging environment of the hospitality industry.

Because wood is so versatile we can custom build every order to accommodate your particular space and style. Dimension, shape, color, lightness or darkness of grain, and even sustainability are all yours to choose. Laguna BASIC is soft, with a curved and stable form, reflects the running water as well as a warm aura. As a result of the modular form of construction, our wooden bathtubs can be supplied in different forms of execution. Moreover, every model is available as fully equipped Jacuzzi.


Laguna Spa

The most fascinating bathtub of all. Its wide rim and the overflow integrated therein enable the tub to be filled brimful. Excess water will then gurgle pleasantly away between the pebbles. This system gives you the possibility to relax your neck and head in warm water pure bliss after a tiring day! The wide rim, which one can also sit on, makes getting in and out an easy matter. Attractive optical accents can be set with the employment of different pebbles or even other materials – bathing becomes a delight beyond comparison.
Many other applications are conceivable too, for instance in a large yacht, in a hotel room, in a wellness or sauna area, in the corner of a private bathroom or wherever.