Luxury. The word even feels nice rolling off your tongue. There’s something so clean and crisp about it. Perhaps it’s the way that the simplest mention instantly conjures up mental images of sprawling mansions, designer collections, and sleek cars. Reality is, everyone loves lavishness, especially when it comes to interiors. The proof is all around us. Why else would insider peaks into celebrity homes cause magazines to fly off the shelves? Why else would we love tips on how to give our own interiors a luxurious feel?  For today we want to present you some luxurious interiors designed by NGStudio.


Designed by NGStudio, this interior is situated in the picturesque residence in Ospedaletti, on the shores of the Ligurian Sea. Residential building is surrounded by greenery of private garden, and has well-organized entry into the territory and the corresponding main entrance and terrace. Extending the idea of the high quality life, expressed in a representative residence on the Italian Riviera – NG-studio created and implemented the interior of this apartment in an certain manner – through combination of classical architecture and traditions of interior styles of Italian Riviera and ?ote d’Azur – with modern notes and tendencies distinctive for the interiors of premium level. Classial lines of cornices and elegant white plaster decoration – combined with bright exotic wood veneer. Soft shades of suede and nubuck are in contrast to the sharp glare glass and warm bronze. Curtains, textiles and carpets made from natural materials – gives the interior softness. Overall scheme of the interior is formed mostly from warm tones – which alloyed to combine materials, to harmonize all interior and to create a solid image of this residence.


The Client, as a connoisseur of modern art – set in the interior some samples of modern artwork and sculptures from his collection – which refreshes the interior, add a bright contrasts and completeness.
The interior was created in full accordance with the concept, which was agreed by the Client. Therefore, to a design of a built-in furniture and shkaps, was given a special position – as to an integral part of the architecture of the interior. All types of built-in furniture, include shkaps, kitchen, living room furniture, but also doors and sliding walls of glass – were designed and implemented in accordance with the interior project of the studio, specially for this interior. The whole interior was c design and implemented by NG studio interior design.

NGStudio_Ospedaletti_004 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_006 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_007 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_008 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_012 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_014 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_019 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_021 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_022 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_023 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_024 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_026 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_027 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_029 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_030 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_032 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_036 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_037 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_038 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_039 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_041 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_044 NGStudio_Ospedaletti_046 Ospedaletti_esterni_01